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  1. anyone have a decent pocket size digi cam for sale? Please let me know if you do.
  2. If any one knows of any places for rent please let me know. Looking for a room in an apartment or house/cabin in Hakuba at a reasonable price for winter season. thanks
  3. EDIT... mtb is fun stuff. In regards to what Okemo says below... The way of the hip mtb world these day is all about 6-7 inch travel all mtn bikes. No longer do you need a heavy beast, most are riding mid travel all around bikes. So get an all around bike... bikes like the giant reign, Specialized SX....are really good stuff. That way you hang on any ride an d have no excuses not to go riding.
  4. the whole left side of that jer shot looks like ian-ville... i think i would enjoy. as for all this grey matter.. if the pic was not under the highlites would be over exposed...so personally I think the under works well cause there is not a lot of sky(grey) and that makes it more creepy and saturates the colours. post more pow pics please
  5. looks like some fun there buddy... I have started planning my japanezy mtb visit (again). But was thinking late summer this time around so snow wont be an issue. So that was recently?
  6. you'll likely get spring conditions and a random pow storm. Alpine is usually still fun and mogully. But this winter has been kinda dry for snow and rocky so who knows what it will look like. Backcountry is good, park is good and people are very happy when its sunny. Girls like to wear less and less clothes when its sunny in the village... if you like to apres it a great time of the year
  7. nice write up buddy, but i cant see pics either... I guess the same as facebook ones?
  8. yes the 155 mark seems to be the popular size, considering the fact thats what burton/NB are making for the first official NB. kuma i mentioned about the guy riding the 175 or whatever is was, he now rides a small board too. smaller is more fun, you don't have the same foot pressure to move your board as quickly as with bindings, less board makes it easier to move... within reason. I think. Also dont be afraid to Tbolt you pad further back, to get your more nose and more stance option... again you don;t have the foot forces to lift your nose, so you gotta find it else where.
  9. bought a bottle of sake while Snowboarding in Japan and dont know weather to serve cold or hot, does anyone have the characters for either... so I can match them up? much appreciated!
  10. hey King that was one of best days ever. Will never forget the snow quality that day. As for the kumushika that was on happo around the brakes. his names The Beast if you see him. he's mellow.
  11. Originally Posted By: Mike & Jo Hi Everyone. Anyway we're both fairly reasonable skier, bringing both our alpine and Tele skis, and our BC gear too. So just like everyone else we want it all, Deep Fresh snow, Great advanced terrain, uncrowded slopes, good out of bounds/backcountry and of course a relaxed ski patrol to go with it!!!!! hey there, I just got home from my second Hakuba venture. If your asking for whats quoted I have to say visiting all the resorts you mention will cut down your pow intake by drastic amounts. Unless you have a good guide at each place. I am no haku
  12. thanks to FT, marc, dan and anyone else who contributed my great times.
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