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  1. Hey Guys, So we're in Japan now, heading out to Hakuba tomorrow, we both super excited about getting back out on our skis!!!! So we were just working on the idea to ski Hakkoda and Asahidake, looking at accommodation, Aomori looks like the best place to stay to ski Hakkoda, does anyone have any suggestions of good places to stay, hostels would be best since it's cool to meet people but hotels would be good to!!! As for Asahidake, Asahikawa has got to be the place to stay, though it sounds like there aren't any hostels there either?? Any one got any suggestions on whats good? We've h
  2. It's like I read your mind, I took it off the list as I wrote the last reply By the look of the JR maps we should be able to go Tokyo to Nagano, Nagano-Aomori up the west coast and then to Hokkaido. I can't remember why Tenjindaira was on the list, I thought there was something interesting near by to see, but I've forgotten so can't have been that important. Cheers for you help, if you have any more ideas would love to hear them!!
  3. tsondaboy, Cheers for that. Yeah, we're gonna be on the move allot!! We'll see how it goes, if we don't like the moving around then we can always just go to a few, the main place of interest is really Hokkaido so if we had to we could just go straight there. Apart from that though we thought it might be worth hitting them in order starting from Tokyo-Nagano-Amori then Hokkaido. We'll see how it goes aye. Hope JR treats us well.
  4. Thanks for that, great info, we'll make sure we get to Matsumoto Castle. We were thinking the same about Hakuba but it seems a pitty to just ski and not see some sights while we are in Japan. Is it worth trying to see the famous "Snow Monkeys" at Yudanaka? It's good to hear you say Nozawa is good too, loving the sound of the Onsens!!!! Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone. My girlfriend and I are going to be landing in Tokyo on the 9th of Feb. We're basically heading to Japan because of all the epic stories of great pow that we've heard, we also want to see some of Japan while we're at it. We have one month all up, and we've worked out a loose itinerary for our trip. As you will all know it's a killer job sifting through all the mountain stats and reviews and working out where you want to head!!! But we have a bit of an idea of where to head. Anyway we're both fairly reasonable skier, bringing both our alpine and Tele skis, and our BC gea
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