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  1. Ah I see. I'm surprised (or maybe not) that Myoko didn't get a station. It will very nicely spoil the Myoko countryside though, hey?
  2. That does have me confused after seeing the length of track I did yesterday and its position - it seemed to be going from the Nagano region towards Nozawa. I'm sure it will make sense when it's all built and looking pretty
  3. I only just avoided a bad crash the other day in one of those blizzards. The guy in front - about 10 meters but could not be seen - didn't come out of it as well.... he had to be taken to hospital (broken something or other). Very nearly me. I'm not going to drive unless its absolutely necessary next time it is like that.
  4. I was driving near Iiyama today (northern Nagano) and noticed them putting up the but ugly new shinkansen..... those things just look so bad.
  5. I can't imagine wanting to spoil a day on the snow by being drunk. I'll wait until the evening.
  6. That sounds very much like a famous hotel company I know.......
  7. I once drank some shampoo when I was totally drunk. It took me a while to notice by which time some had gone down.
  8. Just a disclaimer before I get shouted at.... I'm not from England. >>>>> England has the best supermarkets there is. I have lived in many countries and food is a big part of what I do (it's my business), and the size, choice, freshness and quality of food in the big supermarkets in England is very hard to beat. I don't know anywhere that beats them anyway.
  9. I had NO holidays. The good part of that though is I have tomorrow until Thursday off now
  10. More than 20000 peeps - tell us more! Are they a few big nights out every month?
  11. This part: "You should phone a few of the resorts and ask them if they have any courses for teleskiing and go to the ones that do. They generally don't advertise them on thier websites so its best to phone them and ask directly"
  12. Unicef is the one I generally give to. A friend is working for them so I hear a lot.
  13. several cms thick. no, I don't want to eat that. Pizza can be really poor here though, not one of the foods that Japan does well generally.
  14. No where near as much as I would like - I've been preoccupied with lots of work issues this last winter. I'm hoping to be freer next season
  15. Blair - where do all the staff go to when the snow disappears (the non-Japanese staff? Doesn't your place shut down for large parts of the green season, if I remember correctly. Is it just a case of seeya or do you have an arrangement with another seasonal company like some places do? Are many of the winter workers the same every year?
  16. I tend to find that too - it doesnt sound long but it goes a long way. You'll have plenty of space if you get a fairly decent sized card.
  17. I hope it's nice and greasy as well
  18. Ocean11, Dubious assumptions? I don't think so. The "hardcore" comment was incidental and not an important part of the point I was making. You can take that comment out of what I wrote and it still stands. Of course some/many resorts do not provide exactly what you want - but some/many does not equal "all" and I wasn't implying that either. I was just stating that some/many resorts are making efforts, some that can be seen, some that cannot at the moment and might take time to happen. Perhaps you living down there in Shikoku, you don't get much experience of certain resorts
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