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  1. Originally Posted By: thursday Hold on, this belongs here: Originally Posted By: pie-eater This lady seems to like it your signature quite apt there bag !
  2. sweet report dude - well done - esp the itemisation is a good idea imhao - cheers
  3. my wife just told me on the news said tenjin received snow - how much I asked - enough to ski or board was the response !
  4. is that what it is Rob ? it is darn cheap -an acquired taste imhao btw maybe having a bbq down at the river ashita can `t send pm`s for somreason - if any int give me a call earlish 090 25630 132
  5. nice thread right now indulging in an ASAHI STRONG OFF don`t mind if I do for 130yen 7 pecent less carbs as well if you trust the can - Kirin has one as well called strong seven I think go well with a pack of mild sevens maybe - the boutique ones look great like the look of susukino and Niseko local in particular -
  6. sense a bit of a stab there TB That really is terrible news - a lot of people
  7. I`d love to go to India / Gulmarg for skiing, Hawaii in particular Oahu for nature and golf, also China anywhere to see what all the Hypes about. My wife has just said she would like to go to Turkey or Krygastahn for `no particular reason`
  8. Otaru is aweome 2P - Had a mighty fine seafood lunch there last trip......is very well known for quality of seafood -( and got a pretty damn good haircut there as well I might) add.....what you mean by a butchers though- seafood is the go up there - are you a butcher by trade ?
  9. You have to be careful getting the right pass as well.....best to get the one that covers the whole country- its not actually that clear between JR East/ West etc - or should I say it certainly SHOULD be clearer
  10. prob metropolis mag or gaijin pot site pete- didn`t realise no section on here right now
  11. go to iwappara I reckon - its really beginner friendly and easy accessible
  12. its about golds for sure - and the same for summer games I think most people would agree
  13. Thanks a lot to Black Diamond was able to watch the skiercross final * http://www9r.nhk.or.jp/olympic3/r/viewer_normal.html?c=FRM740_623 there was a decent crash in it as well - !
  14. Hey guys - what events are on today ?- I guess there is a site - I`ll check it out - GG that curling was pretty intense huh !
  15. gday JA -here is an eigo link (I can`t understand that original link either) My wife told me about it. Seriously though what do people think -? I know Japan has the culture of knocking down the nail that sticks out - A lot of people have commented on a fb link to this story - sad - japan is too regimented/ structured etc etc but you know I think there are two sides to every story- wouldn`t any country`s Olympic delegate team tell this guy to clean up his dress sense a bit - ? maybe there is more to it behind the scenes. http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20100213p2a00m0na00400
  16. poor Aiko chan - she is on the telly now visablly upset -she was one of the real medal hopefuls for japan as far as I can gather. On another not not sure if the topic about this snowboarder who was forced not to attend the opening ceremony is commented on - (skimmed but didn`t see this vid of it has an unbelieveble 1 million hits !
  17. braces are ok I think we will see a revival in a few years - same with hats - right now there are very people that can pull off that fashion -
  18. There is a shop called dohs - used in kanda signposted from the UFJ bank just around the back of the starbucks
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