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  1. Let me think... Germany East Germany (GDR/DDR) Denmark Norway Sweden Finland Latvia Netherlands Belgium France UK & Scotland (does Northern Ireland counts extra?) Ireland Andorra Spain Portugal Morocco Monaco Switzerland Liechtenstein Austria Czechoslovakia Italy Vatican Yugoslavia Greece Cyprus Turkey UAE China Macau Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Korea (S) Japan Philippines Australia Maldives Sri Lanka Russia USA
  2. I hope a kind Auction Yahoo member can help. I sometimes use that site to buy stuff, but I use a bidding agent and can't ask the seller any questions. And on top, I don't know Japanese. I hope a kind yahoo auctions member can help me and ask the seller a question. It's about a camera I saw and I like to request a few more details, or pictures. Please message me if you like to help!
  3. Originally Posted By: norcal Use a blow drier Better a blow torch. Whatever sticker/tape you buy, buy branded, 3M, Scotch or so. It's a bit more expensive, but you can remove the carrier AND the adhesive in one go. (I think there are special tape residue removers, get those, nothing else works, I tried it)
  4. Natsuo Kirino - "Out" (English translation) I finally finished it. Four JP housewives that had to get rid of one of the husbands bodies and do get in unexpected trouble with a few extra twists. Quite a nice crime story. Could be much longer for my taste.
  5. Originally Posted By: RobBright Thank god I am not 50m tall then. And also did you even look at the map? It's going round to Chiba, and then Shizuoka. Nope, I don't know were Chiba and Shizuoka is. Just think that the change in wind direction is not really a good development.
  6. The change in wind direction doesn't look good for Tokyo: http://www.hko.gov.hk/wxinfo/trajectory/fukushima/trajectory_e.shtml The Iodine-131 level reaching Hong Kong is interesting: http://www.hko.gov.hk/radiation/ermp/rmn/applet/map/iodine131_e.htm It went up quite a bit lately. The dangerous level, they say, is 661.38 Bq/m3 - highest on the chart is 828 µBq/m3 Danger: 661.38 Bq/m3 - or - 661,380,000 µBq/m3 Highest in Hong Kong so far: 828.00 µBq/m3 - or - 0.000828 Bq/m3
  7. Relax, it's just a catchy headline! Fukushima 'much bigger than Chernobyl' But in the article it said: Fukushima, could be "even higher" on the INES scale, said Mironova. To me "could be" implies that it ain't yet. I think correctly the headline should have been: Fukushima much bigger than Chernobyl? And then anyway, what's bigger? The plant? The radiation leakage? The effected area? The people effected?
  8. Originally Posted By: Ezorisu Doubt any of those (or any subsequent) imports came from the tsunami ravaged regions or areas affected by the nuclear accident. Hong Kong banned imports from 4 JP prefectures, which probably don't export anything right now anyway. I think it good to test everything, but as long as its just traces I am not interested to hear.
  9. Originally Posted By: Mr Wiggles It sounds like a number of airlines are starting to cut flights to Japan. Lets hope this is just a short term measure. Lufthansa did cut some flights to JP but is resuming most services now. I did a quick online check on lufthansa.com for Tokyo-London-Tokyo next week. Would cost HK$ 17308.00 that's ¥184,620 The leg to FRA is handled by ANA. Maybe there are cheaper dates or options. Same with Emirates is ¥112,860 All ¥ include tax.
  10. There was a rumor in Shanghai that due to the (your choice of disaster) in Japan the detergent prices will raise - detergent sold out quickly! http://www.chinasmack.com/2011/pictures/...ing-prices.html
  11. Found that: Tepco vize president Sakae Muto said that they don't know how many month, or years, it will take till they have the Fukushima reactors under control. And gov speaker Yukio Edano said that reactor 2 had a partial meltdown. If a technologically high advanced country as Japan struggles, I wonder what will happen if a reactor in China gets damaged by a quake...
  12. yep, found the link. But wonder why one has to input an email address and why the system isn't simply using the logged in ID. There is some talk about melt down in the news now. Seems the stream of bad news is never ending. Just hope they solve those issues.
  13. Having just one oversee-able info page is great! But since "Private messages are disabled" it's hard to suggest more links without posting them here.
  14. Originally Posted By: RobBright While that is true, people do need warm items, sending items that may have lice or infestations is not the best thing to do is it? I'm not sure how much cultural issues play a role here, but in many parts of Asia 2nd hand stuff has a very low value. I also believe for some issues there is no real shortage seen overall, it's just that the goods are there, but in the wrong place. It's often a logistical issue in moving them. From my workings with JP companies I know that they work very strict "just-in-time", which works well in a perfect system. But o
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