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  1. .....lots of snow = lots of weather..... (Don't let the dirty little secret out of the bag...)
  2. Any idea where those Japanese snowboarder medalists were from ? (Surely either Hakuba or Niseko )
  3. Hi, Enquiring on behalf of some friends. Does anyone know if Takayama is accessible by road in winter ? Does anyone know the best way to get from either Kyoto or Takayama to Hakuba, the number of trains and connections look tedious (checked Hyperdia). Is there a bus or taxi service ? Actually, while I am at it, another question. Is a Hiroshima day trip feasible from Kyoto, or is that too much like hard work ? Thanks,
  4. I was talking to a Japanese dude on a lift and he was saying Matsumoto has a few good shops...Suwa has a big Alpen and Xebio but they just carry the.... meh stuff. Any knowledge of the Matsumoto stores? Thanks for all the info. guys. I am up there a couple of times a year but really can't be @rsed going to Jimbocho etc. However, I am quite fussy with boots so have been wearing the same ones for about 8 years. Anyway, will check out Rapie and the other place near the station and if I find something I am going to see the boot fitter as well. A good boot fitter is worth every penny you p
  5. Daycare! That sounds good. I will give him a go on the skis too if I can find some in Jusco. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Everybody knows there is no powder in Hakuba nor has there ever been. If I ever said there was I must have been mistaking it with Nerseiko.......
  7. Is there any point putting some skis on him at 2 years old and seeing how he goes or is it a waste of time ? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  8. Originally Posted By: Schneebored Personally I would never dream on buying used boots. They can be really bad for your feet. Especially rentals, they will be totally packed out and have no support. Yeah, I plan on putting my own liners in. It may not be ideal, in which case they will go straight in the bin, but I will give it a try - if I can find any.
  9. Yes, I am cheap, but also sick of the Hakuba moguls and hardpacked on my lighweight set-up. I have found some nice skis (used of course), but I need some Alpine boots. Any idea anyone ? Spicy has piles of ex-rental skis for sale, but no boots.
  10. My pet peeve used to be when my fellow countrymen would look at me as though I was some sort of liar when I said to them that there were hundreds of ski resorts in Japan - not just one called "Nerseiko". I should have kept my mouth shut.......be careful what you wish for...something like that anyway...... How many resorts are there, does anyone know roughly ?
  11. Sure....and while you are at it "Best place to ski on a powder morning in Hakuba..". Actually, don't do that one.....
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