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  1. Hi All, I just had 8 days boarding in Niseko (well, 6 Niseko, 1 Rusutsu and 1 Moiwa). I was there 25th-2nd Feb. Firstly, I had an awesome time. Initially I was worried Niseko would have a big crowd, but I was able to find tonnes of freshies! However, whilst we were there, the lifts were closed a lot of the time, and I am just wondering if this is typical. I know that the top lifts often close (more often than not a couple of instructors told me), but the Niseko and Annupuri Gondolas were closed for 4 of the 6 days I was there. Apparently Moiwa quad was closed most of the time too
  2. Hi guys, I'll make sure to write a couple of reviews when I get some time, cheers. GN - Thanks for those town names, I'll see if I can have more of a dig around. We don't need anything fancy, just clean, comfortable and warm. We spent around 350 000YEN for 5 people, 10 nights right on the slopes. From what I have researched, car hire will be around 100 000 YEN, and I don't want to spend more on a place further away from the slopes, so taking into account the car hire, we would not spent more than 250 000YEN for a cottage, less if possible.
  3. Hi All, I just got back from my first trip to Hokkaido. We stayed in Annupuri, and mainly boarded Niseko United, but did a couple of day trips to other close by resorts. First of all, thanks all to who helped me plan this trip, I sought much advice from this forum. My trip awesome! My initial worry was that with the crowds at Niseko, I wouldn't be able to get many freshies. However, with fresh snow overnight 6 of the 8 days, and with my annoying persistance of getting first lifts every day, we got tonnes of fresh lines :-) Not to mention our day trips to other ski hills. So, I
  4. I know it won't be crowded compared to Niseko, but will the freshies get tracked out a lot earlier than during a week day, or do they last a while any day?
  5. Thanks, It would be great if my whole trip was midweek. However of the 8 days I have, 3 fall on the weekend But if Moiwa is predominately locals then I'll try and go mid-week. I suppose Niseko is going to be just as crowded any day, so I may as well spend the weekends there, and then do my side trips (I plan for Kiroro & Moiwa) during the week. Cheers
  6. Just wondering if Moiwa is typically a foreigner or a local visited resort? The reason I ask, is I'm trying to figure out which day to visit, and I know the resorts that are popular with locals are a lot busier on weekends. So is there much of a difference between the crowds on a weekday compared to a weekend for Moiwa? Sunday slots in best in terms of my trip, but I will postpone it if the crowds will be a problem! Cheers, Tom
  7. Hi Go Native. Not only do I not know the mountain well, but I don't know it at all. How about a random act of kindness and PM ing me a hot tip or two
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm not a powder snob by any means......a few lines in front of me won't bother me at all. Hey, even if I'm not finding much fresh stuff it will be a hell of a lot better than I am used to here in Aus. I am just trying to prepare myself for the best possibility of freshies when its been dumping down over night :-) I have learned from surfing that carefully picking your spot to go out (or board in this case) can be the difference between a great day and a fantastic day!!!! I will probably spend most of my mornings making the most of Annupuri and then
  9. Hi All, I am staying at Annapuri for 8 days late January. Can I get over to Hirafu, Niseko Village and Hanzono early enough if I take the first Annapuri Gondola, to make fresh tracks in Strawberry fields, Miharashi, Superstition etc.? It looks like I can traverse across from the top of jumbo pair 4, but can't be sure as I have never been.... Or do I need to get the bus to these before the lifts open if I want to make untracked powder runs? Cheers, Tom
  10. Hi all, I'm considering booking accommodation at Annupuri, and just hoping for some advice from the Niseko experienced. I will be spending 8 days somewhere in Niseko. My main priority is to find as many untracked powder runs (preferably in trees) as possible. It doesn't have to be super deep, or steep. I am quite experienced, but definitely no expert. I am wanting to go off-piste a bit, but nothing too hectic or that requires massive hiking. I don't mind other people being around, just want freshies :-) Don't give a rats about jumps/board parks etc. My main reason for wanting to
  11. Hi all, Just booked my flights to Sapporo and going to Niseko (Grand Hirafu) 23rd Jan - 2nd. I will be going with 2 or 3 mates whose flights are yet to be finalised. I have been looking around and a lot of the places unsurprisingly seemed to be booked out. Anyone have any recommendations on places that may be harder to find online that will still have availability for either 3 or 4 people. We are looking at spending up to $100 USD per night per person (ideally a bit less). We don't mind sharing a bathroom (although would prefer not to), but we definitely don't want to be in dorm
  12. Thanks for all the replies! So looking at going between 23rd Jan -2nd Feb at this stage. I know it is will be busy, but any additional recommendations on resorts closish to Sapporo to meet my requirements would be appreciated :-)
  13. 15 years, with maybe 5 days a year on average. I started when I was maybe 10-15 after skiing since 5. I have ridden a bit of knee deep powder and managed fine (except when it got a bit flatter). I have mainly ridden our 'hills' in Aus with a bit of riding in Chile & France. I have not really come into any terrain that has challenged me too much though, but then again there isn't much here in Aus that can :-) I spend most of my time 'off-piste' (as much as you can in Australia) chasing those few days powder days we get here in Aus, spending most of it off piste but in bounds. Never
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