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  1. .....lots of snow = lots of weather..... (Don't let the dirty little secret out of the bag...)
  2. Any idea where those Japanese snowboarder medalists were from ? (Surely either Hakuba or Niseko )
  3. Hi, Enquiring on behalf of some friends. Does anyone know if Takayama is accessible by road in winter ? Does anyone know the best way to get from either Kyoto or Takayama to Hakuba, the number of trains and connections look tedious (checked Hyperdia). Is there a bus or taxi service ? Actually, while I am at it, another question. Is a Hiroshima day trip feasible from Kyoto, or is that too much like hard work ? Thanks,
  4. I was talking to a Japanese dude on a lift and he was saying Matsumoto has a few good shops...Suwa has a big Alpen and Xebio but they just carry the.... meh stuff. Any knowledge of the Matsumoto stores? Thanks for all the info. guys. I am up there a couple of times a year but really can't be @rsed going to Jimbocho etc. However, I am quite fussy with boots so have been wearing the same ones for about 8 years. Anyway, will check out Rapie and the other place near the station and if I find something I am going to see the boot fitter as well. A good boot fitter is worth every penny you p
  5. Daycare! That sounds good. I will give him a go on the skis too if I can find some in Jusco. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Everybody knows there is no powder in Hakuba nor has there ever been. If I ever said there was I must have been mistaking it with Nerseiko.......
  7. Is there any point putting some skis on him at 2 years old and seeing how he goes or is it a waste of time ? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  8. Originally Posted By: Schneebored Personally I would never dream on buying used boots. They can be really bad for your feet. Especially rentals, they will be totally packed out and have no support. Yeah, I plan on putting my own liners in. It may not be ideal, in which case they will go straight in the bin, but I will give it a try - if I can find any.
  9. Yes, I am cheap, but also sick of the Hakuba moguls and hardpacked on my lighweight set-up. I have found some nice skis (used of course), but I need some Alpine boots. Any idea anyone ? Spicy has piles of ex-rental skis for sale, but no boots.
  10. My pet peeve used to be when my fellow countrymen would look at me as though I was some sort of liar when I said to them that there were hundreds of ski resorts in Japan - not just one called "Nerseiko". I should have kept my mouth shut.......be careful what you wish for...something like that anyway...... How many resorts are there, does anyone know roughly ?
  11. Sure....and while you are at it "Best place to ski on a powder morning in Hakuba..". Actually, don't do that one.....
  12. Nice little TR. It makes me think a interesting poll might be "How many ski resorts in Japan have you been to..." I would do it, but I am too lazy and do not know how..... For me it is 14......I think. Yeah, who cares.....
  13. I looked on the web for about a minute and could not find anything. Anyone know, it's for an eleven month old ?
  14. Great stuff. I really like all the other non-surf pics too. They know how to smile that lot do. Looking fwd to some "Hello Misters" with big smiles next week ....
  15. Originally Posted By: scouser A big majority of the worlds best players play in the Premier League, La Liga or Serie A. Does that fuel your argument at all or just make you go I guess it's all about the $$$. Leagues with the most attract the world's best players and perhaps a few of the domestic players would not make it into the "best league" if one ever existed. Just wondering why England are always so cr@p. Maybe it's just because they are not as good.... Apparently Germany spend way for than England on youth programs, but I guess plenty spend more than Ghana, Cote d'ivoir
  16. Originally Posted By: brit-gob Players don't get paid salary to play for their country. They get paid to play for their club which is an entirely different thing. Actually I meant the combined value of their club salaries.... along the lines of some leagues are maybe just a little over rated......
  17. Does anyone have any idea what the combined salaries ("wages" for hard core footy fans) are for each team ? I would really like to see that stat, and specifically where England rank.....
  18. The World Cup....of Diving and Cheating...... It's hard not to get excited about the World Cup in the few weeks before it starts, and then thoroughly dissapointed in a sport that encourages cheating and getting away with whatever you can. Are they ever going to sort this cr@p out ??
  19. Originally Posted By: rider69 This situation could be quiet harmful to the already sensitive budget books! And even worse if there are no more investors and therefore less visitors if governments try and charge another tax on foreign owners. They should consider the indirect benefits owners add to the economy by paying for services before considering more taxes. We already pay yearly property taxes and plenty more on services for the property. Not to mention what we spend holidaying in Japan each year that could easily be spent in another country.
  20. Originally Posted By: boardbaka whatsthe point of this thread ? You got your name right. The thread is for overseas owners of property in Japan to exchange information.
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