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  1. The Mightly El Insecto I used to have a Hollywoodian but decided to start shaving.
  2. I go to the gym 3 times a week and jog twice a week. Keeping me in decent shape.
  3. Anyone else here not like coffee? Funny, often I go to meetings and before you can say anything, yep, the cup of coffee arrives in front of you! You'd think they would ask first, but oftentimes there is no asking and it just arrives. One Japanese friend told me that even though I don't like coffee I should still drink it!
  4. That guy in the background (the beared non fat one) is really into it. Sexy chicks too.
  5. Quote: Who do you reckon is/was the best Dr Who? While I prefer some of the old stories (rose tinted glasses?), I really liked the way Christopher Eccleston played him. Much more than David Tennant.
  6. I listen to the radio most of the day and hear new stuff that way. Americal Idol?! A joke, surely?
  7. First one was some small place in Biwako. Not much snow wasn't the best first impression. A bit further afield and things started to look much better.
  8. I love the region, my favorite. Best place for me is Zao. Sure you'll have a good trip. Any further plans then?
  9. Never been, isn't it a family restaurant type place?
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