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  1. A quality tonkatsu/katsudon is hard to beat.
  2. I have NEVER seen what I feel to be strict security checks anywhere. I wish I saw more.
  3. A bit of a "diva" at times >>>> the cheek
  4. Wot you mean ? That was good. Not as good as the first 2 he did, but I like his movies. this one looks good too.
  5. Would love to go that part of the world. Is it cheap?
  6. I saw it last night. It wasn't bad, but not as fabulutastic as I was expecting.
  7. Go and see it 2pints,mate - its a great movie. I saw There's Something About Mary last night again - great for a laugh.
  8. A friend of mine sent on some of the new U2 material. Sounds more angry than they've been for a while.
  9. It seems we must communicate in Canadago for this guy to get the point...
  10. I think the police should have guns and use them
  11. I feel sorry for the towns and people who live in the places these thugs are.
  12. About 7 on weekdays. At college I probably averaged about 10 a night
  13. Those things are really delicious, addictive.
  14. My friend told me last night that he impressed his girl by buying here an engagement ring worth 5 months salary. Hmmm.
  15. I've noticed that on a few people too, it's really wierd and looks awful. There's only a small % of people too it seems, though I never saw any before I came here.
  16. Seems like you have your answer to your rather pointless question, kintaro
  17. Korean babes are the tops! Although I remember when I went to Hong Kong I was dazzled with perhaps the most amazing sights I'd ever seen in 1 place
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