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  1. It was good. I was on study in UK. I wanted to stay!! sad to be back. Hopefully I can go again sometime.
  2. I didn't come long time but got email about this thread again! Hello how are you all? I spent one year in UK and came back Japan in March.
  3. Hello! I will be in Hakuba at Christmas, is anyone else going to be there? where will you go?
  4. We have so little choice still I think with rain in many place I wonder if anybody already go to snow?
  5. I like blonde hair. I try to keeping my hair natural color, some of my friend always dye it and very bad condition hair.
  6. I like a coffee they sell at 7-11 and usually in morning I go.
  7. I think I look Japanese but some Japanese think I am Chinese for some reason. I am Japanese
  8. I have Subaru also. I really want jeep kinda vehicle
  9. They are beautiful I think. I love watching them on summer evening.
  10. Hello I want to ask you if you believe in fait? Is that right spelling? I mean like thing happen in life and all have meaning, meeting somebody is fair and suchlike. I believe in it. Oh, sorry,English is not good today Do you know my meaning.
  11. Thats great sachiko, I am on my before summer diet too now. It's so boring and I really wanna eat chocolate!
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