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  1. Not just Oz mate. Japan is just rather different in that way.
  2. zebedee

    Future movies

    I'm looking forward to the next Bond movie. I hear it is getting the go treatment already and will be out in 08. I loved Casino Royale and hope they continue with the same kind of thing. Perhaps slighly more "Bond elements" (lasers) might be good, just as long as it doesn't go 'invisible car' over the top.
  3. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Nihon Jinbotsu or whatever it's called - the disaster movie where Japan gets destroyed by volcanoes and earthquakes and 1 member of Smap saves the day.
  4. I know of a company that is still owed quite a lot by Arai. The most recent news they have had is that there will be a further decision as to what is paid to who in December.
  5. zebedee


    Is she human? That "lifelike" Japanese robot doll on the news last night looked much more human.
  6. I went to a Stones concert a few years back. I was sceptical before but was given the ticket and went. It was a great show they put it on.
  7. zebedee

    F1 2006

    Looks like it it going to be crap weather...
  8. zebedee


    Quote: God knows how I came to be sat down watching this. Go on, think about it and tell us! "star of Tight Asses 12"
  9. zebedee

    Buying a Dog

    I'm so jealous. Show us a pic!
  10. zebedee

    Mel Gibson

    This was Mels best part
  11. zebedee

    F1 2006

    If only all races were half as good as that one. That was a cracking race! I'm glad that both the leaders got 0, it would have really stung if Schumacher picked up points from that.
  12. zebedee

    She is NOT!!!!! pregnant

    She seems to be changing her mind a few times here.
  13. We all knew that at NEWS time it was no talking time. Dad was quite clear about that.
  14. You could take some lovely pics though.
  15. zebedee


    Are they all in Japanese?
  16. zebedee

    Your favourite cheese

    My friend said that the "hotel cheese" was his favorite. It has its fans.
  17. zebedee

    Can't stop scoffing

    Have you tried the Grilled Cheese ones? A tube of those disappeared last night. Yum.
  18. zebedee

    North Korea (again)

    I wonder what NK would do then if it was shot down......
  19. zebedee

    iPod jacking

    I have some good Shure ones - though not keen on having them in my ears for too long.
  20. Just got over 1000. I like these little games, especially ones where you boing all over the place.
  21. zebedee

    Who would win? (Part 54322)

    Bears are just big cuddly teddies. This is proof. Anyone ever met or been near one in the wild?
  22. zebedee

    The World Cup 2006 thread

    Amazing how it changed at the end, I think everyone thought it was 1-0 til the end. Seemed to change when Kennedy 194cm came on. I enjoyed watching it with my Japanese friends, though they were pretty quiet at the end there. It was a like a sly, soro soro and slinking off
  23. Quote: If your feet aren't happy, you will not enjoy riding. Very true. The first boots I had were pretty cheap I didn't put much thought into it I was more into getting better looking board. I realised this was a mistake when I got much better boots the difference was incredible.
  24. le spud,where are you actually right now? One minute the coast then the snow. Is it UK, Italy or Germany? SOunds like a lot of fun whatever.
  25. My gf cleans every single day, I think way too much it actually annoys me sometimes. It's like a constant clean/wipe and also seems to be increasing.


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