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  1. Update news: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20080104-00000013-mai-soci One tent had four people, and another had three. One each side (i.e: 2p x 2 tents = 4p) are victims. Center three (incld. the lady) are alive. The lady said she had air space on her breast. SC
  2. > why people are on the mountain, and > Yarigatake in particular, in this storm. I heard a member of Gifu rescue team said so. Me too. I suppose they would plan to see New Year Sunrise on Jan 1st on the top of Yari-gatake. Then they must realize it was impossible to do it by bad weather, so far they believed to pitch their tents at "seemed to be safety" place for a temporary evacuation from the harsh night. An update news reports more... http://dailynews.yahoo.co.jp/fc/domestic/snowfall/?1199257431 (Abstract) The lady rescued told, in the tent, she
  3. The following post is very suggestive. Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20080101-00000057-mai-soci (Abstract) 34 years ago, 1973 Nov 20, a 22 peple group was attacked by an avy at around the same time and on around the same place, several hundreds meters apart from Yaridaira hut. Five were killed. They were sleeping, and their tents were covered by snow of several ten centimeters to one meter. It meant 540 Kg to 1,080 Kg weight placing on a tent, a report guessed. Some who slept with face-up had high risk to be suffocated by tent cloth. Some who slept
  4. An avalanche hit a tent site near to Yaridaira hut, Takayama Gifu prefecture on 2007 Jan 1st 0:15am. Seven, one female and six males were buried when sleeping in the tents. Apx. 20 people near-by digged out them, and carried them in the hut which has no custodian, for evacuation only. Three were rescued with safe, though four males ( 31 and 51 from Tokusima, 60 from Kanagawa and 45 from Tokyo) remain unconscious. Gifu police started rescue work from the morning. There were more than 3 meters snow fall, and 23 groups 74 pepople staying at the tent site, a report t
  5. A snowboarder was killed by snow suffocation on 2007 Dec 31 11:00am. He, 33 from Chiba, fell and buried his head and uppder body into deep snow outside the course, when he was skiing on upper Panorama Gelande of Hakuba Happo ski resort. Skiers passing by found him and hospitialized him, but he had been dead by suffocation. Source: http://www.asahi.com/national/update/1231/TKY200712310116.html Map: http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=36%2F41%2F...pointer=on&sc=5
  6. A snowboarder (male, 34, Tokyo) has suffered serious condition after losing his way in Neseko WeissHorn (outbound) ski area. His friend asked rescue on Dec 25 4:35pm, two hours after the missing. The resort had ten and some snowers enjoying snowing under good weather condition. Rescue started from Dec 26 7:00am by 80 people, and found the snowboarder fall down in cold stream (Ioh river) at 9:10am, 500m west of Hutte Weiss Horn. He was hospitalized soon by heli, but is in coma. Source: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/news/20071226i303.htm?from=navr Info.: Niseko
  7. This happened not by an avalanche, but in a resort slope on Dec 10 Monday 11:50am. http://www.nikkansports.com/general/f-gn-tp0-20071210-293920.html http://www.hokkaido-np.co.jp/news/society/65126.html A skier found a snowboarder burying his face in snow of a truck of Furano ski resort, Hokkaido. The truck is in Kita-no-Mine area, supposed not to be groomed. The snowboarder was dead by suffocation after being hospitalized. He is a company employee(26) living in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, and came to the resort on Dec 9 with his some friends. SC
  8. On a quality paper web site, the last news about Moiwa was on Sep 7, 2007. http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/retto/20070906c3c0600m06.html It told Zephyr bought Moiwa ski resort and Hotel Niseko Grand Stage from Watermark Resort Niseko, a subsidary of HIS Co late May 2007. The resort and the hotel had closed. Zephyr plans to reconstruct the hotel to a condo to be sold, and to reopen Moiwa ski resort on 2007/2008 season. Also, they would plan to built 99 rooms of condos by Oct 2008, to built 15 lodges by Oct 2009. However, no news has been about Moiwa ski resort open, and no news in Zephyr web s
  9. A team of JSSI (Japan Society of Snow and Ice) investigted the scene on Nov 25. The avy size was 460m long with 70m wide corrected. The 70-80cm layer slipped down on the 40 degree 300m slope. The debris was 160m long with 69m width and 3m deep. The team did not reach the starting point due to bad weather, so was not able to clarify a couse or a trigger. Referred by http://www.hokkaido-np.co.jp/news/society/62457.html Sandan-yam BC Ski Tour club released a flash report. http://www.sandan.net/avalanche/2008/071123/071123.html SC
  10. On Nov 13 Tuesday around 11:30am, an avalanche attacked two skiers climbing Kami-Horokamettoku-san (1,920m), Tokachi mountain range. One was injured, but no one was killed. Yahoo!Map: http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=43%2F24%2F...pointer=on&sc=4 The avy started at 1,820m point, went down, and cought one guy. His friend was not hit. She called on police who rescued them by a chopper. Sandan-yama BC Ski Tour club reported a Nov 17 investigation of them. http://www.sandan.net/avalanche/2008/071113/071113.html It told the hard-slab type avy was 170m wide with 400m long runnin
  11. An avy occured at Ansei Kako of Kami-HoroKamettoku-yama (1,920m), Tokachi mountain range on Nov 23 Friday around 12:05 noon. Yahoo!Map: http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=43%2F24%2F...pointer=on&sc=4 The 10 meters wide and 50 meters long avy attacked 11 members of Japan Alpine Club and one solo climber. Three men(60, 63 & 68) and one woman(56) were killed by suffocation. One was found in two metere snow depth. One weared his beacon, but others did not. This area is popular in BC snowers, and they climbed up to the top in a line. Hokkaido had much snow fall on Nov 22, and was getting
  12. In Hokkaido, all rentacars faciliate studless tires in winter season unlike ones in north America. That's proud of Japan. Most cars have 4WD and car navigation system. I don't know if car navi has English language support. Three words of 4WD, Studless, English Car-Navi would be keywords for GAIJIN visitors when renting a car in winter. The problem is that rentacar cost is too expensive. We may find some good deal in some travel packages for domestic users. I do not know if foreign visitors can buy any better discount or any special offering. Most domestic visitors outside Hokkaido arriving a
  13. Thanks montaya. On Feb 12th 14:00, I attempted to head to this slope, but skied down on the left (north) side of #5 romance lift for taking more safe way. The slope (on the photo) might be stable at that time, but might have a risk. Your photo is valuable.
  14. Thanks, montaya. A good pic. I'd like to identify the point. Is it around the center mark of; http://map.yahoo.co.jp/pl?lat=36%2F51%2F...pointer=on&sc=4
  15. Add'l Info by Yomiuri Online NP, - The avy happened apx 11:00 am on Feb 14, on the north face of Maetake peak (1,252m) . - The route name is Douzou (bronze statue) course. - The avy size was 200-300m long with 25m wide. - The victims are two men (44 & 39) living in Tokyo. - The customers stay at Sukayu Onsen Ryokan. - Seven members of an Ausie mt rescue team happened to be passing by and gave them hands. Add'l Info by NHK TV news, - The avy size was 100m long with 5-10m wide. - The new snow fall was estimated to be 40cm. The snow pile is 3 meters depth. -
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