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  1. thanks everyone! i think im gonna stick with the shuttle / taxi combo .. car's turning out ridiculously expensive .. the shuttle timing is not so ideal in the evening, but i'd imagine some combination of taxi/bumming random rides will get me thru. im from new york city - never really haveta drive anywhere. :-\
  2. do they keep the roads pretty clear of snow / ice ? last time i was there i could barely walk on the icy sidewalk. with so much snowfall how do they keep up with clearing road condition.
  3. is the snow in hokkaido much different from gifu/nagano area? i really dig the super dry / light fluffy stuff up in hokkaido. never been to the gifu/nagano area.
  4. hi there. newbie here gonna be heading up to niseko this year and being the superb planner that i am, everything in niseko is all booked out. ugh. so i'm stuck at this place 3K from hirafu.. sounds like middle of nowhere. the aussie cats said i could rent a car.. but not sure if i'd kill myself driving in that condition.. my other option is to cab everywhere.. ugh ugh.. thoughts? suggestions?
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