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  1. In 'normal' conditions, which is quicker/easier to get to from Niseko, Kiroro or Rusutsu? We plan on having a rental car. Thanks!
  2. zebedee

    Ski/snowboard rental gear experiences

    It probably makes sense to buy if you are going to ski more than a handful of times. Can't believe how much some people seem to be paying on rental! And some of the gear that is given out is really out of date. I think the main shops at the popular resorts though offer new gear and sometimes they let you swap gear during the day as well which is an interesting idea. Let's you try a few different styles.
  3. Kiroro We loved it there. The snow was just amazing.
  4. I'm happy I missed all that. I don't like waiting 5 minutes for a lift ;) Seen some photos from the ski boom years and it looks absolute madness. Could hardly see the snow for the crowds of people!
  5. zebedee

    Beer 2014

    But the katakana is エビス
  6. zebedee

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Well done! Hitting a "pleatau" I feel here.
  7. late December hopefully very good I'll be there!
  8. zebedee

    Good TV

    Where is that MO?
  9. I wish I had a range of choice!
  10. I want to know what Dom & Phil think of the report. And if they chose Runcorn or Llandudno for their snow sports fix.
  11. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    New planet of the apes was good! Next up that guardians flick.
  12. zebedee

    No welfare for foreigners...

    I saw a bit on the news the other week about how the realize they will need more foreign workers to come in and do stuff here with the decrease in population etc. How that lot will turn out...
  13. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    It wasn't your book they stole was it?
  14. Wonder how often people with pools use them? What do they cost?
  15. zebedee

    Beer 2014

    had some Hakkaisan beer at the weekend, friend brought it back from Niigata, Very nice drink it was too.
  16. zebedee

    Cho-yummy things

    Nutella, I love that stuff.
  17. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Those dudes in the control room wearing masks and looking down and up.... Reminded me a lot of The Prisoner. Which was first?
  18. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    I watched that too, first time in ages. quite fun.
  19. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Flight, Denzel was in it. Quite interesting.
  20. 2013 version! OK so 'sound bars' seem to be popular now. Presumably just not as good as a full blown 5.1 system with 6 speakers. And, is 7.1 much difference really? Let's informations as I think about getting something.


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