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  1. I was also a little confused, I think most people were!
  2. My friend and I plan to go to England in June maybe. We are interested in going to seeing good musical. At moment we think maybe Les Miserables or Fantom of Opera or something. Did somebody see any? And what do you recommend to us? Thank you!!! sachiko
  3. I don't like it the reading like this manga on train. I think it is offensive
  4. I don't do it, but it does not annoy me, since I have memory I remember it and so it is not so strange for me.
  5. Hello I saw something in English about "freemason". But I can't find Japanese about it. Is someone able to explain the meaning simply for me? Thanks!
  6. Don't you think that Nakata the soccer player is well known? And Inamoto who play in England.
  7. I wonder if like on the movies about cowboy? They look really cool I think. Are they rich?
  8. I really like soccer game, but I hope that Japan become better at it.
  9. Did anybody have Kentucky? It's strange new tradition in Japan, don't you think?
  10. Yaaah! you found picture of kamemushi. But also I did not see so many of it this year.
  11. I only use very light on sometimes. Not so many Japanese wear it.
  12. I also hope for cheaper way to get to mountain. Its too expensive.
  13. Sometimes I wear small amount of it - special occasion.
  14. Hi. I'm looking forward to winter now. Just on news now, I saw about the Pope. What does the Pope doing? he looks old guy now. Is it job?
  15. I know what you mean nori-chan, it is complicated and sometimes it seem UK people also don't know it!
  16. In main place you will easy find the party because they are small. I don't remmeber actual name but I am sure somebody know.
  17. I watched a little, looks like just many fighting of big man.
  18. Last weekend I bought new one with pink/rose lens. Kakkoi! looks cool
  19. Recently I am watching documentary on Japanese and world history and becoming interesting in it. There is so much amazing story to learn about.
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