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  1. This may sound like a pretty strange question, but - what do you wear when you go out onto the mountain for skiing/boarding? (Like, under your jacket etc)?
  2. Do points gotten by trys (tries?) get more respect than kicks??
  3. A couple of months ago, I wore some cut off jeans . And 2 weeks ago, when I went to Tokyo, I wore a suit . Once I went to a fancy dress party as a sumo wrestler. (amazing suit that one).
  4. Was he ever funny? People keep on saying how he has gone downhill and shit, but when exactly WAS he funny?
  5. We stand on the edge of winter. I think it's time for a song. 1, 2, 3.....
  6. Not at the moment, taking a rest. Apart from some unorganised Japanese study.
  7. I just saw an interview on the tv, this guy arguing that "everybody has smoked dope". OK, lets see. Have you?
  8. I don't rate Lucas at all either, the recent Star Wars are only popular because of their background. Otherwise, they would have got slated.
  9. Well not where you are anyway, matey
  10. Do you wear any? Hardly anyone in Japan seems to, I used to before I came here but have been less and less after standing out a bit.
  11. I'm off to Zao this year it is easier to reach for me than the places down in Niigata and Nagano etc.
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