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  1. I have only been twice but each time I needed to go 4 times for what seemed like minor treatment. Luckily it's a 5 minute train journey and 5 minute walk away.
  2. Pizza cake Apparently it exists. I want some.
  3. Are there big differences really? We had a look at a few and they all looked quite nice. I'm no building expert but they all seemed similar kind of things, just plans and shapes different. What sort of things would you paritcularly look out for?
  4. You'd think they would just think themselves lucky, close their mouths and pocked all the dosh.
  5. August is definitely better than July and June. Worst has to be July I reckon.
  6. They are great dogs. Reminds me of my dog when I was a teenage. I just had a cry/
  7. Don't know what the place was called but it was near that central area where the traffic lights are. Didn't seem any different from most other resorts I've been to here.
  8. Are they all the same kind of monkey? as the ones in Shiga Kogen?
  9. I was up there just the other day and rented some brand new - never used before - skis. I've seen crappy old places in every resort I have been to. Sounds to me like you are either just unlucky or have something against the place in general.
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