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  1. Ikea is Swedish furnishing design shop. Pretty good and reasonable. here is link www.ikea.co.uk www.ikea.de etc.
  2. Hey, danz! Wie geht's? Greeting from Germany. In my experience to take Ferry to Hokkaido (I believe it was ibaraki or Tochigi?? to muroran....) not that bad... but my problems about that trip was... Muroran to Niseko is too far... and road was quite icy...and long way to go with winter road condition. So if you go with the car which you used to visit Hakuba together in December last year... it might be a bit... taihen. By the way, I still "in touch" with Kuma in Finland, (he went back to home country) his season seems start in 10 days in Finland... My season start in 20 days Please greeting to everyone who I know near you Ciao!
  3. Quote: Originally posted by xxx: You're still a bit early there, Nat. Nat? Snowflakes? ?? Yes, this is Nat but changed name to "snowflakes"! Because cute handle name
  4. I have heard such a funny news in Germany, After SSAWS (former big snow dome) will be IKEA which will open next Spring... it is true?? I am happy to hear that IKEA will be open in Kanto area (so I can guy a lot of stuff in the future in Japan) but.... I still miss SSAWS.... any comments!?
  5. Helly Hansen are giving a free snowboarding DVD on their website. There don’t seem to be restrictions on where you have to live to get the DVD so visit www.hellyhansen.com to get yourself a freebie.
  6. It is stupid things to ask you.... I had a car in Japan and i drived a car in Japan... BUT! now I am in Germany and already get used to driving in "Right side" . I am a bit scared to drive a car again Japan when I got back for holiday. But I want to visit so many places and I think I want to rent a car... but... I am a bit scared to drive Japan side.... Do you have any advices that "what should I be careful" switch driving side??
  7. Hi, maybe a bit late to response to this topic.. but let me do. I had a great good-bye Japan party last year in snowbed with barok, danz, kuma, emi and more people from Forum. Because of Mitch knew that was my bye-bye Japan snowboard trip, he tried set up a party for me(or us). I really apprecieted! And it was fun. I know Mitch and Yoshie work really hard for keeping snowbed for both Japanese and Ganjin to have a lot of funs in Hakuba. Not that many place is cheap and both Nihonjin and Ganjin confartable place in Japan, like Snowbed, Niseko Chalet,Hirafu Chalet and The Kinta. In my bye2 trip, we broke into a small restaurant where served food so slow (due to our group was bigger than 15 people). Because of we cannot wait food, we used there KARAOKE system for WITHOUT PAYING (well...sorry, I hope they are not upset and complained to Mitch and yoshie..) Well, I applogies to owners in Japanese, but that give bad images on Gaijins and Snowbed which always Yoshie and Mitch fight for. We do some crazy stuff in local Japan area, and often those people who owned Gaijin hostels have to say sorry on behalf of those party animal or holiday dude. I remember last year, Mitch and Yoshie told me that they often have hard time with local people and start to get tired to running business, yoshie wants to study more on Business and Mitch wants to go back to Europe to have funs as a person, not owner in Ski resort. But they knew there are many people wants to stay Japanese ski resort for budgetted price so they are tring their best. Why owners cannot have fun with customers? why owners cannot enjoy party with guests who often come to snowbed? You are not staying Hotels, you are staying backpackers with budgetted price, do not expect that Mitch and Yoshie MUST WORK as HOTEL PEOPLE. Are you paying enough to get such a perfect service which you expected. If you do not want to have it, then go back to HOTEL RESORT and give up fun in Snowbed. Again, I really had great time in Snowbed last year (well, yes I drunk too much tequila with Mitch and others in Snowbed and had serious hang over...) but snowbed is pretty cool place. I am sure that Mitch concern about drunken matter and Yoshie will be look after him. So people who haven't been Snowbed, do not think that owners are rude dude, they are really cool and really funny people like old friends of yours! Nat p.s. Greeting from Germany to Mitch & Yoshie!
  8. Hi there. I am sorry, if someone already asked this question, but I am wondering snow condition in this season,peahaps, I will go back to Japan for holiday in December or January or Feb/March... This year will be like last year (early heavy snow?) or warm winter? Ciao!
  9. You can check it under... www.allrounder.de (but .. be aware that there is such a great German music behind webpage, that is pretty annoying...) but pretty lovely. Even they have a BAR... for fun after boarding!
  10. Nat

    Air conditioning

    ... Hey... Germany is absolutely hot too. yesterday was 39 degrees and now... I think similar to that.... In some part in Cologne, constructing company is working to make Rhein river deeper to make sure all ship can go and will not stack! I thought Summer in Japan is seriously sh*t but actually, here is %&&'%$&q'#%$&('#!! I REALLY MISS AIRCONDITIONING!!
  11. I was so shocked to see my name on Forum again! I have not been visited for ....5 monts at least... Hello people in Japan from Germany with Heatwave. I miss Japanese A/C!! (No A/C in Germany....garr!) I went to Skihalle (Indoor slope) in Neuss, Germany. It was amazingly similar to SSAWS, but biggest difference was there is a park!! Plus, Price is more friendly than SSAWS. Anyway, Greeting to everyone! Nat xx ps. Actually SSAWS prononced "ZAUSU (ザウス)"
  12. Damn!! It seems like I gonna miss the party in Hakuba.... ps. How's ur life - Barok & Danz????
  13. I take 3 o'clock break for snack ( & tea or beer) but I usually do not take lunch on slope. However, if I drunk too much previous day and I could not each breakfast on the day, I go and eat lunch on time.... well, same as everyone else, up to condition of the day. nt


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