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  1. Yes, where and when? I may go Japan during Christams, before the local holiday week. Considering Niseko or Zao. Also looking at CX package. JAL package not yet available. Any recommendation from you? I am a bottom-advance skier.
  2. Very informative and diversified, thanks a lot. Although it makes me confusing now and good to know more about the places. Different people may have different preference and where comes different suggestion. Comments from various perspectives provide me more pieces to complete the puzzle. If I have about 9 days, 18Dec to 26Dec, including transit time from and back to Toyko, what will be the possible ideal itinerary? Shall I try out 2 places?
  3. Thanks a lot, got it. Sounds good to me. I am so happy to search for resort now... if you have any favorites, please drop me a line too. Thanks. What do I like? Maybe this time with ski in/out, new in condition is preferred...
  4. Good suggestions for Whistler and Laax but I want some where in Japan. I want hot spring and shusi too.
  5. I live outside Japan. Would like to seek advice on where I can good snow condition, during the week from 20 Dec. I know it is matter of chance and in relative sense. I went to Niseko last year and had great snow but lift close most of the time. I would like to try somewhere else. Any clue? Appreciate your input. Background - companion of 8, 5 of them are beginners (2 even first time ski). Apart from beginners, the rest of us are crazy for ski, we like large mountain with a lot of long trials, hate waiting those large cable car. Whistler's mix of trails and facilities is t
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