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  1. Thanks Stoke. don't recall the name do you? Mick at Hakuba is great, but I am not sure if he is still giving lessons.
  2. Basically a teacher that comes highly recommended and can speak english. Someone that is enthusiastic and has experience. A great boarder is not necessarily a great teacher. I am not a beginner anymore, and am looking for someone to help me on steeper slopes and to do more piste tricks. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone recommend some good snowboarding teachers to me? Anywhere in Japan would be great. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi. I am planning on going away for 10 days from Feb 6. Can anyone recommend where I should go, either in Japan, US, Canda, or Europe, to get 1. good lessons (and instructors name if known) 2. good snow and varied slopes 3. good apres ski (maybe not in Japan I accept) 4. good value for money Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know what's going on with the closing times of the lifts there? Some close as early as 3.30. We were also told at 3.15 that couldn't get over to the Dragondola side as the area was now out of bounds. Strange, considering there was no wind, conditions generally being perfect. Strange...
  6. i guess then it's all about being at right angles to the SNOW...
  7. wow this is great. thanks ocean. any more advice out there? a freind of mine says its all about commitment, so i may say 'commit' before each turn...
  8. thanks for some helpful replies. as i live in tokyo i will tend to stick to the nagano area, although i may get one long weekend in in hokkaido. ray, you say that it feels as though your head and hips are over the front feet but they are not. seems a bit strange to me! i'll keep going and let you know how i progress. any suggestions for a nice place near tokyo next weekend?
  9. thanks for the reply. i guess the answer really is that i need to overcome the fear then! just to clarify something, when you put your weight on the front foot do you do anything with your head or hips? should you shift your head over the front end of the board or shift your hips left (if regular stance?) or is it just about having the weight on the front foot? also, any suggestions as to how to get the right mental image to overcome this fear of falling?
  10. hi. i have been having some problems with my turns on steep slopes, especially toe side ones. can anyone give me some advice? i know to sit down after the fall line and to get weight on front feet but it is not happening for me. any mental/physical advice would be highyl appreciated.
  11. Yes, but I still would like to know where the good places are for apres ski anyway...
  12. Thanks. Does anyone know particular places to go in Hakuba or Niseko? My Japanese is pretty bad, so I would like to have some names of places to ask for when I get there. Will there be decent new years bashes at these places?
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