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It's A Knock Out was a quality show indeed.


Goodies gets a vote from me aswell.


Seinfeld - of course. That goes without saying.


I used to watch the Flying Doctors with my Mum, it was kind a weekly ritual we used to do. It wasn't all that great though.

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When I was younger, I used to love Dr Who (especially when he was up against those Daleks and Cybermen). I'd really like to see them again, but worried that I might be reallllly disappointed. Perhaps the memory is best left as is.

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The Young Ones

Spitting Image

Monkey (and that was followed by The Water Margin)

Blakes Seven

Blockbusters (Can I have a pee please, Bob?)

Dr Who

Bod (bizarre kiddie show)


I'm also trying to remember the really old black and white show with the superhero who flies around in a space module thingie and the evil nemesis looks like dracula and has a goatie and pointed ears......does anyone know what I'm talking about....think it was on BBC2 about 6pm

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guys guys whats going on here?


"Sunday Monday Happy Days

Tuesday Wednesday Happy Days

Thursday Friday Happy Days

Saturday! What a day!

Grooving all week with youuuuuuu!


Happy days and the Fonz are legendary.


Muppet Show

What Now? (if youre a kiwi)


Dukes of Hazard

Love Boat

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Ah, Happy Days...that brings back some nice memories.

My two favourite oldies which I always try to catch some re-runs of whenever I'm N. America are: Magnum P.I. and Cheers.

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Hail CHCH.


Another great one for Kiwis was that after school program with that guy Olsen and the catch phrase "Keep Cool 'till After School"




I would like to add to the list of great classics:

Fawlty Towers.

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Oh so many memories in this thread, Fawlty Towers - can you believe they only made 12 of them in total? I can hardly remember Dr Who myself, Quantem Leap was fun, the sad endings to the hulk....



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yall have already mentioned a lot of my favs...

you cant do that on television

the facts of life

dukes of hazard

diff'rent strokes

kate and allie

the monkees (saw them in concert too)

the dick van dyke show

beverly hills 90210 (aka BH9er)


but you have failed to mention THE greatest TV show of all time. it (or a spinoff) has aired on all 3 major networks in the US, it has been revived in TV movies, a variety show, a drama, and 2 motion pictures. how could you leave out...


THE BRADY BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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