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Man! 51+ times.. I guess u don't have to work..hehe


anyway, around 37+ for me this season and counting! my hometown ski resort suppose to be closing at the end of april, so got some time to make it past 50.. \:\)

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how do you guys get to 30 days per season?


some of you may just live near ski resorts?


for me, it is just the budget - with about US$200 per person for a 2 days/1 night bus tour, it could seem kinda hard to reach.

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Yeah merryJim, too bad.

When I go to ski, there's some qualification required.


#1 No guests - sometimes I go to ski with my guests though.

#2 Snowfall at the previous night - new powder!

#3 Sunny and fine - don't like blizzard.

#4 Max temperture supposed to be zero C or colder.- no slashy snow needed.

#5 No need to remove snow - when I need to do, i need to do \:\(


So, there are not so many chances in a season when I find all the qualification above.

Maybe I can try more often just for 1-2 hours ride, but I think I like to ride longer and very lazy to prepare for the short riding just for 1-2 hours.



The new avatar is a HO gauge (16.5mm gauge) model train SBB(Swiss BundesBahn)Trans Europe Express train Gottardo ( Milano - Geneve )

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