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  1. Not in Japan now, but had 12 days in Nagano and took in Nozawa, Shiga Kogen, Kijimadaira and Madarao. Excellent it was.
  2. I'd wait on getting one of the newer ones as there seems to be an audio flaw in them.. --- iPod Photo manifests audio defect After preliminary testing of our new 60GB iPod Photo hardware, iPodlounge has confirmed the presence of the same audio defect widely reported in the fourth-generation iPod shortly after its release. The defect can be heard in headphones when the iPod Photo's hard drive reloads its music memory buffer, and sounds like static accompanied by hard drive accessing noises, overlapping for several seconds the beginning of a music track. As a reader noted in i
  3. Going to be boarding this winter and may well yet make it to Japan in Feb.
  4. I'm back, after 4 years. Well, the vote starts soon. Tons of talk of the problems that are going to arise. Lawyers waiting in the wings. Get ready for a drama....
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