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  1. Every 3 flushes? That not nice. Every use here as well. I would like to have one of those that does a half flush though.
  2. I liked 2 as well. The only subplot I didn't really like was the daughter, seemed a bit useless for the most part. Totally addictive stuff though I know what you mean.
  3. Just saw on the olympics some data about "snow temperature". It was -1 I think it said. So they put a thermom in the snow then? What do you reckon it would be up in Niseko now?
  4. I'd rather visit a few places and not be tied down to the one. It must be great if you live near somewhere and/or love a place that much though.
  5. I did a bit of skiing when I was a kid, and took it up again last year when I came here.
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