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sunrise, probably about 1am or so. Depends on how fast the crew can get to Fattwins place. Snowglider lives the furthest and I dont know when he or Davo finish work...


PS, got your email \:o Sorry for not responding. But, when Yoshi's ready ill be there. This period is so much easier than late Nov all of December. Gomen ne!




Really hope you can make it Sunrise - havent seen you since last season!

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We are 5 or 6 at the mo.

Me, Mr me Jane, Slow, Slow's friend, Tsondaboy and possibly Sunrise are driving up on Friday night and back on Sunday. Still got room for two or three more if anyone wants a lift.

I'm leaving from Yokohama and doing a Tokyo pick up at Naka-Meguro.

Tsondaboy, are you okay to get to Naka Meguro? (I'll PM you later about accomodation and departure times.)

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CB, no worries, I'm used to you not answering my mails. :p


mejane and others who've done it: how long is the drive to Hakuba from Tokyo in the middle of the nite really? I'm still not sure about the idea of arriving at 4 or 5am eek.gif (well, not such a big deal if I didn't have to think about work Sunday nite)

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Sunrise, It took me around 5 hours door to door including a couple of 10 min toilet stops last year but that was from Yokohama, leaving at 3am and hitting Hakuba traffic when we got off the highway. Might be faster leaving at 11. I guess it would also be a bit less from Tokyo.

Anyone else?


Probably a stupid question but what is the taxi situation in Hakuba? Is it fairly easy to get taxis late at night? Don't want to drive to (and especialy not home from) the party!

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