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I was watching High Society this morning before work and I think that I can do a backflip to straightline off of a massive cliff.

I can dream eh


The problem with those videos is that they are such amazing athletes and we can never really attain the level of skiing that they are at.

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Ill build a kicker with you next year and we can fall on our heads together. I have a video of me doing one on the snow it was a case of I finally did it and just never even attempted it again. you have to commit.

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Originally posted by Fattwins:
Or is your B-day coming if so maybe she is buying it.
She came over late last night after work and gave me my birthday present.
And it was the digital camera I wanted clap.gif

But she also brought some relationship issue with her as well thumbsdown.gif
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Originally posted by Yamakashi:
...GF to toque:

so, are we dating? Are you my boyfriend?


only until winter comes lol.gif
That's exactly what it is dude
Her friends are telling her I'm no good and it was awkward last night cause she bought me a cool present and she wants to hear some words but there is no way I'm going to say them
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Dude dont tell me she want the I love you part already?


some J-chicks just dont get that it takes some time to mature to that stage. That said Toque be fair to her if she has no future with you then at least tell her.


Ive always taken at least a year to say those words to any girl. Best to keep them for when you really know. Toque how cares about her friends if they are gonna bad mouth you now they will bad mouth you forever.


cb I need a little Japanese help.


How do I say this in Japanese


Do I have to drive myself to shikoku?


if you are still there that is.


How do I form the "do I have to do something"


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