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Its funny Sandy sure took a lot of pictures while we dug that out lol. That wall was such a big waste of time too. look at those wet pants. Just figure 45minutes before i was being slapped in the butt by a horny Chinese lady.


that garbage bag became part of my sad floor of a tent later.

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The outer surface, or face fabric, of most laminated waterproof-breathable garments is treated with a factory-applied durable water-repellent coating (DWR). This chemical treatment enhances the performance by forcing water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric.


Because DWR coatings are not as effective when clogged with dirt or salt, it is important to clean your garments regularly. Coatings are non-permanent and will eventually wear off. When the garment begins to “wet-out” the face fabric is absorbing water, and it's time to re-apply the coating.


Maintaining DWR

Wash the garment with an additive-free detergent or soap. Products like Nikwax® Tech Wash are ideal because they rinse out well. You can use regular laundry detergent, but you may have to give it an extra rinse or two to get rid of any residue. Do not use liquid detergents or delicate detergents as they contain fabric softeners that can impede the effectiveness of the DWR finish.


Machine wash your garments using the machine's complete cycle.

Repeat the rinse cycle once or twice to ensure all soapy residue is removed.

Dry at medium-hot setting, and let the garment cycle for 15 minutes after it's dry to revive the original DWR finish. If you have an iron with a cool synthetic setting, you can lightly iron the garment to perk up the DWR treatment.

Restoring DWR

Wash the garment with an additive-free detergent or soap and apply a DWR treatment like Nikwax® TX-Direct or Revivex®. Use a spray-on treatment for 2-ply garments. Wash-in products work well for both 2 and 3-ply garments.


Machine wash your garment.


While the garment is still wet, saturate the outside with the spray-on product and follow the manufacturer's directions. If you're using a wash-in product, follow the manufacturer's directions.

Dry at medium-hot setting.

Clean any surface in your home that may have come into contact with the treatment. It is also a good idea to run your washing machine through a complete cycle while it is empty to remove any residue.



MEC Gortex cleaning

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Originally posted by Yamakashi:
Toque, wot about a huge garbage bag to throw over you? You can pull it over your head and poke it out along with your arms. That would keept the rain off of you without as much added weight as another jacket, maybe.
I'm just thinking of a cheap plastic jacket about the same thickness as a garbage bag but with real arms and a hood. Just for doing things like in that above picture.
Weight isn't an issue in the Tateyama area
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That's right.


In that picture you can see that my jacket has lost all it's durable water repellant coating. You can tell because it is shiny. While it is still waterproof it no longer breathes.


I have never used the Nikwax treatment before but know they sell it at my outdoor store. Has anybody used it before?

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I just made a list of things that are going up for sale dude



the rossi fats

hiros rossi sphair skis

small wetsuit

car rack for jimmy

possible printer up for sale also

I will even sell the nordicas if I get them.

Marker bindings select control


I dont think ill get the big stix I low balled the guy at 50 bucks cause they have been

drilled twice.

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I would not drill them again. I would put my V ski markers on them and move the lbf looks over to the v skis. they have being drilled for markers. or if I do get jays skis just put the sally binders on them. this is all speculation(did I spell that right?)

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