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Originally Posted By: thursday
Stem, so that means you have a range of kid's boots. You can open a hire shop.

or a second hand kids ski shop. Actually they do have a second hand bazar here in town for the kids once a year
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Originally Posted By: thursday
or should I say, how hard is it for the parents of a 3 year old to hire boots for their baby's first ski trip.

I think it would be cheaper just to buy a pair of skis and boots. Usually the supermarket will sell them. You might even get a picture of "miffy" on them
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Cutest thing I saw was a little girl on miffy ski's in between her Dad's ski's on the family run at Niseko. She had the biggest smile on her face. Was all of about 3 years old. Kawaii.


I reckon the Miffy ski's are a must!

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