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Originally Posted By: PWL
Do you still have the Brum accent? wink

Coventry (Kenilworth actually), not Brummagem. I never considered myself as having a Midland accent, but when I hear some of the vowel sounds some of my students reproduce, it's definitely more North than Home Counties. It's quite funny and slightly disconcerting.
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Kenilworth is pretty much equidistant between Coventry, Leamington and Warwick.


Coventry was still being re-built from the blitz when I was there (1960s). The city centre was new and very modern at the time. I hear it looks pretty tacky now.

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do you have hongkong accent when u speak english thursday?


i've been taking chinese lesson @my work and now i can finally pronounce the word "kekoukele" (Coca Cola),

difficult but interesting language.

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I see.


It is always interesting to hear the different flavours of English you hear here in York. You almost don't have to see someones appearance to know where they are from.

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