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yeah, i threw down for the SHINSHU only apple flavor and the KOSHIN (where on earth is that?) only grape flavor.


i thought i'd make up for sleeping in and being lazy by ingesting copious amounts of nagano chocolate.

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Many of our kids have lived abroad FT so we asked them to describe their experiences abroad both in and out of the classroom. Tell us about what they wrote about, read, grammar, etc...


I could give you more information but then Id have to kill you - dont really wanna do that (yet) \:\)

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 Originally Posted By: Fattwins
What questions do you guys ask at high school enterance tests BP and cb?

Have to do an interview today with a student and would like some hints.

she wants to go here

Is she applying for the English course there?
I did some mock interviews for that last year. They followed a set pattern, but I can't remember off the top of my head what they were (*wear a helmet, people*) but I think I can help you with this. I'll ask my colleagues.
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