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be afraid and keep your head up when on cat tracks. And if in the trees understand how to ski sluff and take note if anyone is riding below.


I would stay clear of any big faces for a while.


one of a few big sluffs today. it took this lady out(blue) and stole her ski, it was about boobs deep, 15 feet long and flowed over the cattrack.


watch out small children. well over 60cm on a layer and wind packed..the snow is moving.



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 Originally Posted By: Stuntcok
I think most probes and shovels have shelf lives longer than a week. If so, you can use them next week if you dont' this week.

You know as well as I do that payday is 25th! Well, maybe 24th for some. That means some of this month's drinking money could have been employed as intended on the streets of Roppongi. But yes, I imagine it'll still be good to go next week. It's just that I don't normally ski with people who would have an interest in BC stuff, so this weekend might have been my chance to make a nuisance of myself on someone's daytrip.
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 Originally Posted By: Kingofmyrrh
 Originally Posted By: Ewok 2
My first uploaded photo.
"Welcome back to the mountains Risa!"
I won't forget your injury 2 years ago and those dan's words.

Great photo!

This should be Photo of the moment!!!!!

The new leader of the Hakuba photo contest!!!!
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bp, 以下、よろしくです。

snotboy and steve に、再度、ありがとうとお伝えください。 smile.gif

atsuki..., tell him to slow down a bit on a foggy day lol. crazy.gif

and big hugs for bpg. blush.gif

ride safely guys!


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