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  1. Gonna resurrect this thread, cos I need to change my Aussie bike license over to the Japanese equivalent, my Intl. permit is all finished. Indo, did you end up getting your Japanese license?
  2. Outback Aus is undeniably the most peaceful place to view stars. When I was visiting an Aboriginal settlement near Uluru, a few of us went hunting and made a camp in the bush. Didn't sleep for pretty much the whole night becuase the heavens were so mad beautiful, I had to look and look, and look some more.
  3. Originally Posted By: thursday. Now, that is getting silly. You have the stealth plane but where are you going to get the butter? the answer is sexy Scandinavian folk Ok, I'll get them to make it! Thanks for the tip
  4. Lordy lordy chaps, what happened to being realistic? well as long as we're dreaming I'll change mine to add: 1. My own MotoGP team. "Warhawk Ducati" 2. A stealth plane for dropping rancid butter bombs on whaling ships 3. A cat.
  5. Originally Posted By: nagoid What is that? Its a carrion flower, so named cos it smells like rotten meat.
  6. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy 1) love 2) sex 3) a real life * ditto on mini-me 1)Money can't buy you love, CB, at least according to the Beatles. 2)It can buy you sex though. Though its not as good as when you've earned it 3)And usually people pay for a fake life cos their real one sucks, whats the deal here, CB!
  7. Howdy everyone! I just got to thinking, it might be fun to start a thread on what you would buy if you had a substantial amount of cash lying about the place with nothing to do. Lets avoid the "I would save the money for my kids" or other such fine examples of thrift. And lets make it actually realistic, say if you saved for long enough you could actually buy the item. I'm sure everyone has a list of items that are always just out of reach because of financial constraints. So, if you could afford it what would you buy? 3 items only! Let's wishing! 1. An expensive sportsbike like a
  8. Howdy spaceboy! Astronomy rocks! Where I am in Nagano is nice and high and when the skies are clear, there's some great viewing to be had. Pity I have no 'scope. If I bought the one I want my girlfriend would kill me then break up with me. Its on the list of things I will buy if I get rich!
  9. Heres a real stomach turner of a flower, not so bad looking, but the whiff will knock you out! Rafflesia kerrii
  10. I would say left...but, yeah it would be amazing if he came out of that with even one of his legs! poor bloke.
  11. , wonder how many requests he'll get to wear his spiderman costume!
  12. No, farquah! You've just let his secret identity slip!
  13. nice hip'n'shoulder! He should be playing footy in the winter!
  14. I think maybe 25% of me is attractive, maybe 30%.... 50% at the outside.... The rest of me is crap!
  15. Tangram was the first place I went to this season, and because it had been 4 years since I went boarding, it wasn't as enjoyable as it could've been. My fault entirely, I'm sure! My entire time there was spent on getting my muscles used to the different stance. Seemed like a fairly decent place. Glad to hear some others have tried it out.
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