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FT, next time I come by, you'll be treated to a nice bottle of wine. up until sat. morning, i didn't know you still had mine in the box....doh!


addict in the house?!! he rocked up at the perfect time. how long is he in for?! i'll prolly miss him, i don't get back to nippon until the 10th and hakuba until that weekend. tell him i said hey

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He will be here untill after the fire festival as his bros family is coming to Noz. He looks good for a guy that broke his back and is the same cheerfull addict. I told him to f-off this morning as I drove through the snow storm to work!


Dizzy no worries you have done enough for me selling stuff. I wonder where my blue mouth piece went for mine.


The Nomads video came today pretty sick stuff actually!


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lol.gif Mate, I have to work on Saturday, so the earliest I could be in Kyoto is Saturday night anyway. So I'm gonna probably leave here after dinner and get there very very late Saturday night. I can catch a few winks at yours and then we can jet to Hakuba first thing Sunday morning.
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Oh man

This week has been a total right-off due to Christmas. Easy for me in the planning but annoying because the students just don't care. Most of them haven't bothered coming in so my grade 11/12 classes have only 2 students at most. Why bother teaching with so few.


Today we have guitar hero going off the projector and a wii off another TV. 10 students in the entire 8-12 part of the school

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our plan A was to wake up super early to use etc discount.

now there's plan B, have a good night sleep tonight and leave kyoto 9ish am tomorrow.

means passing komaki(nagoya) around 11.

if it goes smooth.. confused.gif

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 Originally Posted By: Creek Boy
jesus, how many kids at your school anyways toque?

my smallest elective class has 18 which is pretty sweet - but most average 20-40 kids.

We only have 30 grade 8-12 students in my school
Pretty nice when it comes to marking and report cards
My smallest class on a good day has 6 students. Pretty sweet!

On a different note
I am legend is a great movie
I skied my first day of resort powder today and it was fun
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