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Originally posted by Kumapix:
yeah, the topsheet separated from the middle in between the bindings... that's all i can say for now ;\)
Too many pies.

Or were you practicing Judo on it?
(Kuma: "Judo." [furrow brow] - and EBC goes all giggly.)

Oh, and I had my nose re-set today. Which was fun.
Doc said wiring it was really difficult and wouldn'T make it much better, so he have me the choice between local anaesthetic and more pain, or general and more money and time. So I fronted up to the pain, which wasn't as bad as i was expecting, and got it reset by his delicate artistic hands this lunchtime.

Damn it hurts now, and i have to be careful and wear a metal nose splint on it for a week - just like people after nose jobs in LA, and it's stuffed with medicated gauze, so I'm afraid i eat like a porcine american in a diner that can't eat and breath at the same time so keeps their mouth open like the back of a garbage truck.

Anyway - FT, you still got that full face helmet? - recovery time is supposed to be a month, but with that i could ride in a few weeks...
At least enough to come film or whatever.

OK, off to watch some more skate vids (especially the slam sections) to make me feel better. Damn it Deawon is amazing.
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I'm exausted. Skied/climbed nearly 1800 vertical today. Skied into the bottoms of all 4 basins around Ymir Mountain which is above Whitewater ski hill.


Cool burnt out forest though. I've never skied in something like that before. The snow in there was amazing.

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Ebc, nice try! Yanik told us he enjoyed skiing first time in 14years.

I've got his chai recipe this weekend,

lots of Cinnamon and Cardamom, a little Ginger and Nutmeg. \:\)


Nice pictures, Toque.

Looks like still winter there, lucky you...


I found this last night. This can be repaired? confused.gif


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slow - forgot to talk skis when i briefly saw you at the weekend, did you have a good one? have you decided on some skis... or are you waiting until next season, since the chance of pow is fading fast? how did you put that slash into your rossis? buy some ptex girl. had some chai tea and apple pie with the boys after yanick and and i swapped our gear on saturday morning, yuuuum! must get the recipe too!


toque - nice one bro, seems it was a good year for you to go back to canada!

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the quebecers and hugh the pornstar packed up their cheese fondue and wine and were going for karamatsu this morning!!!!!!


actually i now have physio at 2pm so can't ski the park today, it's too late now - it always closes around 3pm-ish.


i'm going to buy skins later today thumbsup.gif once i've driven to a spot to get some pictures of the kashima twin peaks.


kuma thanks baby ;\) will check that out thumbsup.gif

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