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No pics of the meadow we were a bit stupid not to take a pic but here is the bottom half of the mini chute. One of the best and hardest runs in mumezawa.




A little spot that actually could be a Hakuba first decent. This area was created by a slide 2 years ago.


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Looked at the P1's, they have this snap-lock thing for the high back which I think is a kewl feature unless your high back gets caught under a lift chair and snaps off. I think it would be a major pain to have to unsnap it each time and probably would wear down after a repeated use.


After looking at the buckle mechanism on the missions vs. the cartels, it seems they are identicle and a bit beefier than on my current missions. I think i'm going to give the Cartels a go and see how they work out. So the set-up will be Jussi 154 with White/Antique Cartels.

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