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WiiU vs PS4 vs XBox 720 vs cheap mobile gaming

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Accounts and multiplayer related stuff seems less chear.

Playable in around 19 hours from now! If you buy it as a download anyway.

Played a bit of Destiny. Cool!  

Would love to know how these things work and the numbers involved.

How many dudes got up to order at 7am?


Back to PS3. Is GT6 going to offer anything interesting or just slightly more pretty graphics?

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Somehow buying a PS3 game now seems... not appealing. Not that we can get our PS4s until February, but...

The GT series always somehow failed to really excite me, as much as I tried with the last one.

All very slick and all, but lacking excitement.

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PS4 will be region free, meaning that games from any territory can be played on any machine.


Accounts and multiplayer related stuff seems less chear.

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I'm confused Man. You have on ordered right (and so the :D ).

But you are not going to keep it?


Apologies for the confusion.


I ordered it but cancelled it as wanted to spend the money on skiing instead. :(


I'll just wait for the JPN version.

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You should have sold it to a willing buyer here!




Yeah, should have done but didn't want to list something that was non SJ related. Plus not had much time to get on here recently.



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Friend got the new Wii U Mario game, Super Mario 3D World. Aren't they all called that now? Anyway it plays like a lovely Mario game and is fun, but come on Nintendo.

As beautifully made as it is, aren't we getting tired of the Mario.... stories.

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still cant decide...


and really its not the consoles themselves, since theyre much of a muchness with the PS4 squeeking it.

Its two really stupid things, i really stupidly want. And each console offers one of them. Well, actually neither console offers any of them, and probably wont before the end of this cycle.


Vita integration: How cool is it that you can sign in to your account and start playing your game from home on a handheld with a modified control system anywhere in the world on your handheld? I freaking LOVE this idea!


The current reality is of course you cant. You can play it within a certain distance of your PS4. So your kids want to watch the telly, you want to play max payne 19, et voila! no problems! (once they get it sorted out). But... THE FUTUREEEEEE!!!!!!! Surely theyll crack this nut as internet speeds keep bumping up year by year. Why cant you just stream the basics anywhere with wifi?


And with the XBOX:


illumiroom plus kinect sensor/modelling integration. The concept of ryse was sweet. Take the kinect, turn it into an actual game. Somewhere they thought, nah, screw that, and now its just all controller bullshit. Bleh. I want lawnmower man!


Theres no chance in hell that this will happen this generation. It probably wont even happen next generation (or rather might appear half way through like the kinect did with the 360), but in my brain all i see are three things:


1. Illumiroom mapping out my mass effect game all around me.

2. Anne Hatahways boobs in Alice (3d),

3. POR... wait! i mean er... gaming something something.


It really pisses me off that


First, our lifespan is about to be possibly doubled.

Second, fembots are coming!

Third, lawnmower man gaming is around the corner.


As i see it, its all coming just in time for me to hit my 60s, and die a natural death in my 70s too old, tired and fed up like im supposed to! I CURSE THE FUTURE!!! Where the **** is my hoverboard?

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Xbox One fans ‘robbed and knocked unconscious’ for console minutes after midnight launch


Two Xbox fans were attacked for their brand new consoles minutes after they went on the market in a midnight launch.

The unnamed pair, aged 25 and 27, had just bought the newly-released Xbox One from a Gloucester store and were walking back to their car at 12.15am.

As they unloaded the games consoles into the car, parked in St Michael’s Square car park, the men were ambushed – the 27-year-old was knocked unconscious and the 25-year-old suffered injuries to his face.

The £429.99 console was launched at midnight last night at roughly 300 Game shops and 100 Tesco stores across the country.

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