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WiiU vs PS4 vs XBox 720 vs cheap mobile gaming

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No problem at all.


Just plug it in and go. No issues at all.


I recommend creating a US PSN account (for cheaper downloads from that store). I bought codes from play-asia for paying, so avoiding any kind of faffing about needing US address /credit card. Easy peasy.


Resogun is fabulous. And I am well into Fifa. I downloaded Ridge Racer Need For Speed which is taking a bit of gettng used to but enjoying it.

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Accounts and multiplayer related stuff seems less chear.

Playable in around 19 hours from now! If you buy it as a download anyway.

Played a bit of Destiny. Cool!  

Sony President Andrew House has announced PlayStation Now, a new games streaming service that aims to bring older PlayStation games to PS4, PS3, PS Vita and other devices.


PlayStation Now, which will stream games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PS3 eras first on PS3 and PS4, will kick off on PS3 with a closed beta in the US at the end of January, with a full rollout planned for some time this summer. Users will be able to rent games individually or pay for a PlayStation Now subscription. Sony aims to eventually expand the service beyond Sony devices too.




Might it be possible for owners of the discs to get a discount or heaven forbid be able to play for free?

Yeah, I know.. stupid.

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Terrible sales of Wii U mean Nintendo might actually be starting to think of something new


Nintendo has confirmed it is "studying" the potential for smartphones and gaming, with company president Satoru Iwata admitting that it is "thinking about a new business structure" in the face of appalling Wii U sales. The Japanese gaming firm was forced to predict whole-year losses of $335 million - having previously guesstimated a $950m profit - after it said demand for the touchscreen console dropped by around 70-percent compared to earlier estimates. However, Iwata argued, it's not just a matter of porting classic Nintendo titles to iOS and Android.


"Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business" the Nintendo president said during a press conference in Japan today. "It's not as simple as enabling Mario to move on a smartphone."


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I had a brainywave last night when I noticed my PS4 hdd that I had taken out to replace with a bigger one..... .what if I could put that in my old 60GB PS3 that was all full up!

And it works! So I have tons more space on that too.

Why did I not think of that earlier.


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