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Well it was on, last night.


Here is one of the Golden Bombers, bombing out:



Except for the bit where he bombed it looks a bit easier than previous years. This used to be on TV in NZ, with an English voice over.


That first stage did look a bit easier. The second and third ones had some tough-looking new additions.


They have an American version as well.....it's called American Ninja


They had one of the champions from that on this time. He had apparently been champion of the Southeast Asian Sasuke tournament (this thing is really going global now), but he fell off the Crazy Cliffhanger in stage 3 where they have to jump from one side to the other, as did most of the other guys who made it that far.


Two guys did make it to the fourth, final stage, but they both failed to make it up in time.

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Breaking Bad - just keeps getting better and better.

Ya...no need to buy a 747 to get the free bag of peanuts..

just watched the premiere of fargo the tv series. pretty good so far. billy bob thornton does a good job.

i am watching Orphan Black now. not too bad.

its a bbc america production.


I have seen "If You are the One", the chinese dating show. a couple of times. it is very weird. and very popular.

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I see, possibly very unreliably, that Big Bang Theory actors are holding out for a wage increase from $325000 to $1000000 per episode or something along those lines.


Nice increase if you can get it.


I really enjoyed the first few (?) seasons of that, but caught a few more recent episodes and hardly laughed at all. Seemed very forced and lost the fun of the early ones. Is it so?

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No idea if it will be good TV or not, but a movie set at Appi Kogen is on TV tonight

(they were filming it while we were there in March): 白銀ジャック

9:00 on TV Asahi. Supposed to be a ski action movie revolving around bomb threats.

Watanabe Ken and Hirosue Ryoko. (We didn't see them in March, just the film crews.)

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