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Poll: How many ski resorts in Japan have you been to...

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Not that many.

Naeba was home ground. Plane trip to Hokkaido, some trips to Shiga, Happo, Zao ... Manza and Kusatsu when I felt like, and anything along the Shin-Etsu train line (easy access-usually crowded) to check it out.

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I reckon if it is on the same lift ticket it is ONE - but Niseko presents an issue there because you have a choice - All Mountain or 3 separate tickets (Grand Hirafu & Hanazono/Annupuri/Higashiyama).


So for me it is either four or six wink


1. Grand Hirafu & Hanazono/Annupuri/Higashiyama

2. Rusutsu

3. Happo

4. Goryu/47

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Originally Posted By: thursday
Originally Posted By: Slippery Jim
Niseko counts as one; Shiga Kogen counts as one; Goryu/47 counts as one. grandpa iamright

If N counts as 1, how come there are 4 owners and 4 distinct resorts?
C'mon Thursday... even *I* think it counts as 1. A nice big fabulous interconnected magical 1, but a 1 nonetheless wink
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hachi kogen/ hachi kita/ dyna-land/ Hyonosen / Biwako Valley/ Shiga x 3/ Akakura/ Naeba/ Kagura x 3/Grand Deco/ Alts Bandai/ Suginohara/ Ishi-uchi/ Hakuba 47/ Cortina/ Happone/ Sun- Alpina/ Niseko x 3 / Iwappara / Gala / Tsugaike /joestu kokusai/ Kandatsu (closed?)/ Tenjindaira/ Kawaba/ Kijimadaira/ Togari Onsen/ Nozawa Onsen/ Arai (closed)


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If you can buy one lift ticket for the whole complex, it's one. That simple. Shiga, Goryu/47. Back in the day, Sugadaira had about 8 or 10 different lift `owners' but it still counts as ONE. Same with Ishiuchi; same with Sannozaka/Aokiko/Sun Alpina.

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Sorry guys! Fairly new to the site so not quite up to scratch on posting photos - apologies!


Leaving work in about 20 mins, so will try and get a couple of photos up when I get home. There's a Kurodake thread floating around somewhere, so I'll bump that to keep things on topic.

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Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver
Kagura (I'm counting Mitsumata and Tashiro as inclusive of Kagura)

Oze White World

Hakuba Goryu
Shiga Kogen
Myoko Suginohara

Gran Deco
Alts Bandai

Niseko (all mountain)

Are you me?! A similar list. Not been to Alts or Tenjin yet.
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