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  1. Love my bread machine. Use it a few times a week and love waking up to fresh bread and some strong coffee. Damn having to go to work weekdays.
  2. Do we have a photo of someone wearing these pants? Looking at that photo, I'm having a hard time imagining!
  3. In Tokyo. Before that Kumamoto. Before that New York. Before that Hong Kong. Before that somewhere in Colorado.
  4. First one I checked out was Sugadaira... mainly because thats where a Japanese friends parents were. Decent place, though not enough of a challenge for me. Good for the kids though and if you're learning. Good area to explore too.
  5. Top idea mate, though mine would be covered in Coke. Tell us how it goes.
  6. Anything and everything. Started off skiing though 23 years ago, when I was a little nipper./
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