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  1. Yes I was just looking at that. Shucks. Never mind, I suppose I'll have to make do with Nagano....
  2. Don't really know much about that area yet but there looks to be some good places. On the list!
  3. Was just looking over that old thread. Some of those scenes are just madness! Can't wait.
  4. ....hi! New to Japan, here in Yamanashi Prefecture. Found this site from the iphone app that I downloaded 3 days ago.... and been reading and reading stuff ever since. What an amazing resource and what looks like a really friendly group of people. Can't wait for the season to begin. I came here not even imagining that I'd easily be able to ski. In fact, I didn't know until I saw that app! So you can imagine what a bonus it is to find out what I have in store! Props to everyone here and the people providing it.
  5. Final year of uni went for a week to Switzerland and bumped up my loan to a new high!
  6. Haven't skied for 5 years but it looks like I will be taking it up again this winter! Probably had about 20 days on the snow, over 3 seasons in Europe.
  7. Don't know really. I'm fairly new here and didn't even really know there was all this snow to look forward to until I found this place a few days ago! Bonus!!
  8. I can't believe how people seem to get so wound up / angry / bad-mannered / turn into a **** so easily online. Hard to see how someone can justify blasting off at a free service, especially one as excellent as this one. Keep up the good work.
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