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PS2 - winter X games & Tony Hawk


X Box - transworld surfing and Tony hawk.


its hard to master hawk on the X after using the PS2 control for so long!


Kelly Slater is out now, kan't wait to get that one...

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I guess I will throw in my 2 cents now...


I have an Xbox and my roommate has a Gamecube. We would have a PS2 if we wanted one...but we do not. I have played it plenty. I see the PS2 as good for the casual gamer, but for the real hard core gamer the Xbox is where it's at.


Would your opinion be different if you lived in a country where the Xbox was doing well? I realize sales are very poor outside of the US, but it is doing very well here.


The graphics are a generation better than the Playstation2. Compare them.


There are obviously more games for the Playstation 2, but that is okay. There are some great Xbox games that make it well worth it. Namely: Jet Set Radio Future, Dead or Alive 3, Halo, Amped, Azurik, Project Gotham Racing. Many big publisher games are released for all systems these days and any game tuned for the Xbox will look better than the competition. Look at Tony Hawk 4, SSX Tricky, or Robotech Battlecry. I am not saying there are no PS2 exclusive games that have been great...but there have been none that required me to purchase the system.


The Hard Drive is an evolutionary step in the console gaming world. It is so nice to have basically unlimited saving ability. Plus this allows game makers to do things they never dreamt would be possible on a console. For instance, Tecmo released a bonus update for free on Xbox Magazine DVDs that you installed to the hard drive, allowing you to play DOA3 with many new costumes and extras.


Industry support. It is so easy to make a game for the Xbox that many developers have lined up behind Microsoft. Just look at Sega. All their big name titles since converting to a game developer only have been Xbox exclusive. The game development is really hitting its stride now. Check out some of the awesome titles heading this way soon: Shenmue 2, Kakuto Chojin, Knights of the Old Republic, Malice, Ninja Gaiden.


Some fault the controller as the Xbox's weakness. With the 'S' controller this problem has been completely alleviated. Those of you in Japan have had this controller all along and never had to deal with the clunky first gen controllers.


Will the Xbox outsell the PS2? No. Will the Xbox last longer than the PS2? Maybe, maybe not. But is the Xbox a better game system? Definitely!


As for the Gamecube; I like it. There are some great games out now (Mario Sunshine, Pikmin) and some games on the horizon that look awesome (Metroid, Zelda, 1080). Any of these games are worth owning the system for, but it lacks some major features the Xbox has (Hard Drive, DVD Movie playback ability). The graphics are beautiful, but the Xbox packs more of a punch. The controller is extremely comfortable, but horribly awkward for games not developed with it in mind. Any game that comes out for both Xbox and Gamecube will find me buying the Xbox version.


I am not too impressed with the PS2. There are a ton more games but so many of them are crap. The graphics are starting to look a little dated. The future games that excite me are all for the Xbox, GC, or all three. It lacks necessary features for today's consoles.


Xbox: Awesome!

Gamecube: Damn Cool!

Playstation 2: Mediocre

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In my opinion the XBox is just a normal computer that has been slighty modified for gaming (and not changed all that much either!) The damn things are huge!!! Heavy as hell. But on the other side of the coin, Amped is good game. Your right about the controllers for the XBox - way way way too chunky!!!


If you look at the games coming out in the next 2 months for PS2 i think you'd be surprised byt the titles and the graphics are actually pretty good.


Just my 2 cents!



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ur all forgetting then uniquness of the NGC!


how can u resist those cute little discs!


and those controllers! they are the only company that produces funky coloured stuff! i mean check out the bright orange controllers...


i reakon then NGC is good cause its the smallest outta all of them!!



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I have an idea for a game which would be a world wide hit I'm sure.


In it you can choose to be either a mouse of a human cheesefan.


You must try to find cheese. If you are a human cheesefan, the mouse is your competitor and the other way round.


The cheese is found in cunning places, but by love of cheese, smells, and skill you find as much cheese as you can and the winner is the one with the most cheese.


Knockout idea, don't you think.


I've patented it so no need to rush out and copy.

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