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  1. Seems there's some deadline for these jokers today. Hope it's ok - my g/f is due to fly back from Heathrow on Thursday and I don't want any more delay....
  2. I have borrowed Rahul's charts. My prediction is that there will be snow in Japan, mostly North and West Honshu and Hokkaido, between December and March. You're taking a risk there mate, sticking your neck out.
  3. Snow Making Markie, please plan to be in Yuzawa at Christmas this year.
  4. My vote went for 47/Goryu, but I prefer the 47 side and hardly ever go over.
  5. Stoked, but all the reports from all around are pretty depressing going into December....
  6. Porn in print is so boring. Now make that streaming video...
  7. No. And dolphins are rubbish and over-rated anyway. Chickens are much better.
  8. I find that as well. I really don't know how people who travel long distances often can keep up with it all.
  9. I've been given chocholate nipples once or twice before by Japanese friends....
  10. Anyone answer me? When should us American citizens continue to boycott French goods until, in order to be good Americans? I was wondering if there was a date, or do we need to wait for the day when France apologises for being bad.
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