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  1. Quote: Do you think the teachers can really put out true tears for such an events or are they really 'giri-tears'? It will depending on person and situation of course but some (many?) are definitely true tears I am sure of that.
  2. Rahul-san, you need to have your information translated into Japanese to send on. They might take more notice of it then.
  3. I reading this morning about Vodafone having increasing problem in Japan. They are seeing decrease in number of customer the last few months rather than increase. I hear conflicting thing about service - but don't know if it is just badmouthing and with reason or not.
  4. It may seem like wasted time, but it is good memory for many people. And teachers use it as an event and students building teams, education int itself.
  5. Yes Togari is just over the road from Nozawa, about 10-15 minutes drive I think. Much smaller, but much less busy than its big brother. Nothing really bad, but nothing particularly special either. Just a normal kinda place
  6. I seem to be agree with gamera many time today, but I agree! I am not many times on train journey and so I usually looking outside window and try to enjoy, only if not so many people of course. Short journey in city is usually read.
  7. Police often ignoring them or move on (to another place). It is annoying problem many area.
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