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  1. she lives in tokyo. thanks for the reply. Id actually prefer to go to a place with no australians, hehe. How crowded are they?
  2. Looking for somewhere to go at the Xmas holidays. Id like to go to japan, cause unfortunaly my girlfriend lievs there. leaves Big White or Whistler etc out the Equation. SO japan. Where whould i go? Niseko - got some nice deals from australia at the moment. Supposed to have awesome snow Hakuba - closer to tokyo, hows the snow? Yuzawa area - went there in january, it was very nice, but there wasnt many runs what are your ideas guys? ps: this is my first post...yay!
  3. Ted, if the terrorists are willing to do what they did in the US, it means they are willing to do it anywhere in the world. Not just a US problem. Although I agree that a World War is not the answer, what do you expect the response to be? Nothing? Why don't you offer a solution instead of just questions! It's easy being a critic isn't it, a little more difficult when you are in the arena making decisions that affect the world.
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