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  1. I think that we have to be careful here.... Firstly, Japan is way behind N. America in powder demand, that is, until recently, Japanese people didn't ride powder - groomed runs were the go. Not only do ski patrollers have to cope with dealing with a new kind of problem, they aso have to deal with a problem that is growing at a far faster rate than the patrollers can learn. Rather than sayng " they need to do this" shouldn't we, as locals, be saying , " How can we help them improve this?". It 's just a thought but for years this website has been a slag fest. There are bags of lo
  2. have just completed two knee surgeries back to back....torn medial meniscus and torn acl. Two weeks after surgery and I am walking around with a brace. No swellng but lots of scar tissue. Goldf in a couple of weeks I hope. I would be careful about predictions of making it for this season. Most conservative estimates say that the new ligament will be fully healed after about 6 months but not necessarily strong enough. Your repaired leg dhould be at least as strong as your unaffected leg. Don't even consider it otherwise...
  3. But Ocean, didn't you say he spelled "hoar" wrong? Or was that a clever joke.....
  4. Ocean...perhaps Nathan feels no obligation to write an article for the layman and is gearing this towards a more educated audience? Surely, with more and more experienced skiers reading and writing articles, there will be articles such as these that are aimed towards advanced back country skiers/boarders. Maybe it is just a bit over your head........
  5. ender mate. NOt a prayer. even the peopple who live here can't find places for winter. If you don't mind nearby Kutchan 0 15 mins by car, you might find something, but you would have to beup here now looking. Just get a big car and sleep in the carpark.
  6. well i must apologise - i thought you meant the Tolkien kind, however, it was just to get a rise out of someone. You see, I made a little bet with myself and I won - you were the first to get risey!
  7. Ocean, with the vast expanse of the English language before you, you manage "troll". Well done!
  8. oh ocean for a moment even I was fooled. How mature. Leopard - spots - etc. Yukis passion - answer the question!
  9. I think the fact that so many of you made a point of answering this thread goes to show that all of you do care despite the bleating about not caring.......
  10. I am pretty sure that an upgrade will be available. The problem with the all mountain pass is the weather. If you get a week pass but for four of the days you can't get across due to poor conditions you may be kicking yourself. There is some good terrain, but mostly patrol are nazis - that's why most people prefer Hirafu. ONe of the best things about hirafu though is summer...
  11. it is truew they are offering a week long pass but i am pretty sure they will be offering an upgrade service so that you can just go to the ticket booth pay a little extra and get that day all mountain....three weeks all mountain - have you been there before!!!!!!
  12. sbf no sure who told you that about the all mountain pass but it is not correct. who told you that?
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