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  1. It looks like Brokeback Mountain is gonna win a load of Oscars if the Golden Globes and BAFTA's are anything to go by. Can anyone explain to me why everyone is going so crazy for a story about the cladestine love of two gay cowboys?
  2. I LOVE chocolate. I find the best thing to do is deny yourself any sweet foods ice cream/ chocolate etc for a few weeks or months then just have a binge for a day or two. Makes it all the sweeter when you eat, but it does take a certain amount of self control I suppose. I can't imagine just not having any again, what's the point in denying yourself a special treat????
  3. Quote: Sloth sounds a bit boring though, doesn't it? Not very exciting. I'd look into whales, 97. Good luck Whales!!? Whales!!? A sore subject but I don't think whales get it so easy! Our Norwegian Friends Our Japanese Friends Scentific research my arse!
  4. The very thing they are meant for destroys them. Something a little ironic about that. Do the same physics apply for a guy not wearing a jock strap? If so I'm going to the gym naked from now on.....
  5. I do miss J girls and their sexy boots look!
  6. Quote: Subway is nasty! The meat tastes really rubbery. I do like their cookies though Maybe that's because it actually is rubber. I don't think you can lay the blame just on parents. When do kids take responsibility for what they eat? Most of the sport I did was in school, namely rugby. I have always kept fit because I played sport from a young age. But I also liked to play on the computer console for hours! But I was also aware that if I ate unhealthy food I'd have to exercise or I'd have problems. I remember seeing somewhere (I think it was on Bowling for Columbine) that t
  7. Quote: Well said nicole! People who concern themselves with the weight of others are obviously lacking practical interests A good point! But being as I started the topic I should defend myself. One of the reasons was to see how much people really gave a toss about the weight of others! It looks like overweight people provoke a negative reaction from most of you. A friend of mine recently refused to hire a few overweight people on the grounds that "...they lack self discipline and project an image of laziness..." They never knew what he thought of them of course.
  8. I haven't given any money to charities for years! But i do tend to give random amounts of change to homeless people. Is that bad? I'm in a dilemma now. Next time I see a homeless person I'll have to explain that I can't give them any money as I have to give it to Friends of the Earth. I'm sure they'll understand.
  9. Well I'd like to be first to show my respect for Mr Blair. Tony kiss my ar5e.
  10. I can't understand why people think there is a link between bodyweight/shape/size and self respect???? Perhaps self-esteem, but not self-respect. P.S I'm not overweight or underweight but I was having a discussion with a bunch of friends about this subject a couple of days ago and thought I'd share.....
  11. Quote: many things in the 2nd other answer. lacking many things, but namely self respect. Wow! So according to that kind of logic somebody who is really skinny "lacks self respect" as well??? As I said the list isn't exhaustive.
  12. I'm REALLY suprised by the results so far. I thought we'd have a few more sympathetic minds. I think laziness is a common misconception as to why people are overweight. Unhappiness seems to be a common reason.
  13. Yeah I think it'd be nearly impossible to list all the reasons!!!
  14. There were/ are very few overweight people in Japan. However I think this situation may be chaniging. In the USA and UK today, peoples waist size are expanding. Rapidly.
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