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  1. I was actually going to post a bit of a rant here earlier which, funnily enough, relates to this whole topic of marketing and advertising. One company that I really can't stand at the moment is Apple. There has been so much hype about iPods the past couple of years... pretty much everyone I know ran out and bought one. I refused to, mainly due to the hype, and also because I had a perfectly good, albeit less fashionable, mp3 player. Last week someone gave me an iPod nano, and since it was a gift I figured I may as well use it. It is a total piece of shit. It's frustrating to u
  2. Hehe... ahh, but maybe "Mr Honest" potato man has simply hired a good PR group to make him appear honest and reliable
  3. Quote: Originally posted by le spud: I think bottom line is that I hate sales for the sake of selling. I like tangible goods and services that we buy because we need them. There is nothing wrong with a supplier advertising that they exist "hey, if you need potato then FYI, you can buy them from me just up the road". But that is where sales should stop. It would be nice if it was that simple, but what happens when you have 10 blokes selling potatoes on the same street? How does bloke #5, for instance, ensure he gets more customers than bloke #8? Sure, he can lower his prices, but so w
  4. During my childhood we had several pets which were sadly short-lived: two guinea pigs, Suzy and Sal, who escaped and were killed by the dog next door; a budgie named Gus who flew into the sliding glass door and died; a labrador, Sooty, who we only had for six months because he destroyed everything in his path; and various sorts of tropical fish. The only surviving pet is our cranky persian, Mr Burns.
  5. There's a review up on AIC... http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=24199
  6. On the upside, at least you'll have a very good excuse to lie in bed while Me Tarzan waits on you hand and foot
  7. http://www.dellbatteryprogram.com/ If you're a Dell owner like me you might want to visit that site to check your battery isn't being recalled. Luckily mine isn't one of them!
  8. My boyfriend and I recently changed banks and we decided to roll our car insurance over because they were offering us a discount... so today I rang them to get a quote on the premiums. I was expecting mine to be ridiculously high because I have a really bad traffic history: one major accident, two minor ones, and a licence suspension for speeding (and one prior to that which I contested). So, I was expecting my premium to be around the $800-1000 mark - but - the guy quoted me $450. Shocked, I asked him to recheck it and he still came up with the same figure. Then I asked him
  9. I've been listening to some of Nelly Furtado's new album at work and there are quite a few songs that are really catchy. I'm surprised because I really can't stand her other stuff.
  10. What about a Samoyed? They're really friendly, active, intelligent dogs and are great around kids. Loves the cold. I'd imagine a purebred would be expensive though.
  11. Just got back from our Queenstown trip. We had an absolute blast. Spent most of our time at the Remarks as usual and had a great time. We substituted our day at Cardrona for a day of heliskiing, which I found really scary and really exhausting but a great experience overall. The scariest part was the ride up and being up so high in what felt like the middle of nowhere. I honestly thought I was going to be sick. It wasn't until we were halfway down that I loosened up a bit and began to enjoy it. Some pics: Shot from the copter: My bf walks off all sad after breaking hi
  12. It shouldn't be too hard. The NZ government is actually looking for skilled migrants at the moment, so as long as your partner has a trade or a degree or can at least secure a job there, then she should be able to get a temporary work visa. That'll give you a bit of time to sort out what you want to do in terms of keeping her there permanently, i.e. whether she wants to become a resident in her own right or whether you want to do the marriage thing.
  13. That's a funny book, apparently it's now a stage production too. My younger brother has told me a few funny (well, more disturbing than funny I suppose) stories about his sharehouse adventures. He was sharing with three of his uni friends, one of whom they all picked on a bit just for laughs. They organised a big BBQ for Australia Day and he piked at the last minute and took his girlfriend on a picnic. They all thought this was a bit weak so they dumped a bag of uneaten prawns and prawn shells under his bed. He came home a day later, couldn't figure out what the smell was so h
  14. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all?
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