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  1. We've had the ridiculous traditions in Japan, but theres oh so many back home don't you think? List 'em here:
  2. I always think that when I see it too. Are those backpacks re-inforced or something?
  3. In summer no, in winter just a tshirt usually
  4. Do you reckon there will soon be a "next target" folks?
  5. Read this simple explanation; http://www.fun-and-fitness.com/info-zone/anaerobic.html
  6. I would say getting out and doing the jogging would be the best and most effective option. Good luck!
  7. Saw my first one of the year today. Last year we had a few in the house one day and I hated it - didnt like the house for a few weeks! Bought some "cockroach jam" that they eat and then take back to the nest to kill their friends. Anyone have any cockroach problems here?
  8. Yeah, they might get semi-busy especially at the weekends now with just a small % of the total still open.
  9. I think going there would spoil the memory of a great season, it looks crap.
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